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Sometimes I need people that don’t want me

Sometimes I have to watch myself because….

my heart will hurt too bad if I reach out and they turn away… 28 more words

Sixteen Candles!!!!

It’s December 18th. As of 3:08PM, I am officially 16 years old. My sixteen years so far have actually really sucked to be honest. My birthdays are always cool. 998 more words

Let's Talk Thursdays: Long Distance Relationships - 3 Factors that Count

Do long distance romantic relationships really work?

In my opinion, just as a general rule, no. I asked a few people if they would consider a long distance relationship and most of them said they wouldn’t even entertain the idea. 322 more words


Some of the Faces of Nepal


The Nepali path on which I have wandered four months and a few days, unfortunately ends soon… And knowing that this more than outstdanding adventured internship is coming to an end, it will be tough to deal with for sure! 502 more words


Aku Benci Kamu, Kawanku...

Manusia dibekali hati dan akal, pikiran dan perasaan. Hati memberi rasa yang berwarna, yang digambarkan dengan bantuan si logika. Hati yang sifatnya memang punya banyak tuntutan, sebentar-sebentar berubah. 516 more words


Takeaway Lunch

Some conversations make you, well, speechless. Today, I went to the nearby food stall to buy lunch. This is not my first time in that stall. 377 more words