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Trust Without Borders

This morning I woke up to two text messages that had me smiling from ear to ear. I smiled because I was hearing about the great move of God in others lives. 1,073 more words


What character do I relate most to in The Outsiders? by Holly

I can relate to the character Pony Boy in The Outsiders by SE Hinton. Since the book is told from Ponyboys point of view, he thoroughly describes a lot of his feeling and thoughts. 480 more words

The Outsiders

The Circus in the Cupboard

Do grown women eat animal crackers?

I certainly do. You know the ones, sweet animal-shaped biscuits that come in the red cardboard containers with an image of the circus on the outside I take a bite out of a rhinoceros’ head, but not before showing it of to whoever happens to be sitting nearby. 224 more words

Creative Essay

DJ Sliink X Mr Carmack - Drop Cha Back In It (AWE Don't Give A Hoot Bootleg) - SoundCloud

Listen to DJ Sliink X Mr Carmack – Drop Cha Back In It (AWE Don’t Give A Hoot Bootleg) by A W E #np on #SoundCloud

Trap Music

Friday Noir: The Easy Way Out

My father was a self-made man. Old country bred, without formal education he did learn to read and write and began at an early age to devour the classics. 863 more words

JerseyStyle Photography

Adventures of Being stuck alone on an elevator with a white woman

While being stuck alone in the elevator with a white woman, I turned to her to make sure she was okay. As i turned around with my Captain Marvel comic (CAROL CORPS!) and my Dr. 286 more words


Zainab Shehab, Alyaa Kuwaitan, and Nawafel Shehab (Bahraini)

“We’ve been through a lot. We used to go to our exams in our PJs and we did a lot of funny things here.”

“Yeah, yeah, we always have this tradition that we go to finals, even midterms, but mostly finals in our PJs. 18 more words