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give us rest

A distant sleepy dawn,

I see me, as Peter, fireside afraid.

Jesus burnishing bright hope in the fire’s light.

Wood, hands, Death, spear, stone,

Then… 255 more words


boats moored out of harbor

Spring’s lingering light prompted a stroll down to the marina port where yachts and cruise boats were neatly parked, the mighty fishing boats puttering past, as the sun touched the horizon. 193 more words


5 minutes

5 minutes to change into my wetsuit, hood, boots that shield me from chill of spring’s atlantic sea.
5 minutes to trot, short-board under arm, to the grey blue sea. 101 more words


humanity restored

The day when pristine wholeness approaches,
When colourless dripping clouds shall not permeate souls,
Your light soaking up the heavy rain drops, casting joy.
Now, momentarily, I am flickering in shadows’ flow. 23 more words


Presence of Peace

Each morning after language class I find my place among friends to work and write, sometimes in a hotel, café-bar, a sunny bench, quiet library, or at home behind a standing desk.  219 more words


Under Aware BBQ

The sandstone entrance of the bar welcomed me for a glass of a clear, ever so slightly sparkling liquid called Txakoli—the local white grape variety unique from lapping up sea air and rooted in soil splashed by the Bay of Biscay. 116 more words


time to go to sea

Sandside I slump, on shelled shore, sun screened and sipping soda, unaware of rising tide.
The waves lap my feet, childish, childlike.
I settle into my shallow rock pool. 244 more words