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the history of vlad the impaler to Dracula Untold historical story

the history of vlad the impaler III to Dracula an interesting podcast i done of history of vlad the impaler the third the developments of how he grew up and the battles the ottoman empire and the changes of the monarch and who he truly was in historical groovy records as well the legends of Dracula by the author bram stoker with some interesting quotes upon the update of the Dracula untold movie of the up coming in october as well the romanticism but with historical interests… 9 more words


Groovy Historian : Podcast on History of Sultan Mustafa I

this is podcast on the sultan mustafa I of the ever changing present of the ottoman empire how the social , culture changes affected as well the military rebellion. 10 more words


150 Years of Forgetting About the Tenant League - Part 1

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1864 was a year like any other. At Heligoland, while the sun set on the age of sail, across the ocean the American Civil War recorded… 5,356 more words