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Red Sorghum by Mo Yan 1987, 1992

When I read The Illiad a few years ago, I was shocked. The divine Homer expends most of his or their or Their lyrical energy on spears’ passage through stomachs, limbs’ flight from hips and shoulders, shoulders’ descent from necks, chariots splintering into the sharpest and deadliest of fragments, and gods and goddesses bickering over sex . 1,783 more words

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A pro-democracy protester shakes his fist at police officers in Hong Kong

A pro-democracy protester shakes his fist at police officers in Hong Kong.


Beijing Prepared For Hong Kong Protests To Drag On -- We're “prepared for the worst”.

By Gary Cheung
The South China Morning Post



Protesters reinforce barricades near the government headquarters. Photo: Dickson Lee

Police cleared some of the main barricades in Admiralty and Causeway Bay yesterday but demonstrators remained and the top mainland representative in Hong Kong said Beijing had “prepared for the worst” fearing the Occupy Central protests would drag on “for some time”. 570 more words

China says its military training inadequate for winning a war

Weaknesses in China’s military training pose a threat to the country’s ability to fight and win a war, China’s official military newspaper said on Sunday. 389 more words


China's leaders don't have many good options to quell a protracted Hong Kong pro-democracy movement

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy civil disobedience movement appears to be losing some steam, as the numbers of protesters dwindle and the groups behind the demonstrations seek to negotiate a exit.  834 more words

Hong Kong and Tiananmen: the same but different

WATCH: Footage shows what it’s like on the ground amongst thousands of other pro-democracy demonstrators in the Mong Kok area of Hong Kong.

It comes in flashes: The look in the eyes of a young protester, the hardened stare of a police officer, or the sound of idealistic chatter. 699 more words