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Third test of WU-14 hypersonic strike vehicle confirmed by Chinese defense ministry

A spokesperson of the Chinese defense ministry confirmed the People’s Liberation Army’s third test of the WU-14 hypersonic strike vehicle. In addition to carrying nuclear warheads, the WU-14 can also be used to conduct conventional strikes against important targets such as aircraft carrier. 110 more words

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Taiwan a canary in the coalmine of cyber warfare

Date December 8, 2014

Chris Zappone News editor, foreign desk

So hacked are Taiwan’s computers that some government employees are issued with two – one connected to the internet, and a second that remains offline for security reasons. 1,363 more words

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China’s first homegrown aircraft carrier being assembled in Shanghai

The following is based on translations from Chinese media:

China’s qianzhan.com says in its report yesterday that according to Canada’s Kanwa Defense Review, China has finished the preparations for the construction of, and will soon begin assembling, its homegrown… 267 more words


Christian Science Monitor: What China's Army-issue underwear reveals

What lies beneath says something about the Chinese military’s priorities.

By Peter Ford 4 hours ago

There’s a lot to learn from an article that just appeared on the website of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army; for example, Chinese soldiers’ underpants were equipped with elasticated waistbands only in the 21st century. 493 more words


China says it is able to track and kill US stealth aircraft

In my article “Chinese Radar Detects, Locks on F-22, Causes US Withdrawal of F-22s from Japan” on April 2, 2014, I quoted an Italian media report that the major reason for the F-22’s withdrawal from Japan to Guam was that an F-22 was discovered and locked on by… 1,537 more words


Under Pressure: The 10-Story Machine China Hopes Will Boost Its Aviation Industry. - China Real Time Report - WSJ

The engineers started closing the rollerdoor the moment they saw a foreigner walking toward them.

Standing around laughing in blue overalls and yellow hard hats, they went quiet the moment I started walking up the drive. 566 more words

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Is this the end of China's economic miracle?

Ma Jijiang and his once poor family are the flesh and blood of China’s modern economic miracle, living proof of how radically the country has been reshaped since the late… 3,270 more words