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China’s Xi Builds Support for Big Move: Putting Politics Ahead of the Economy - China Real Time Report - WSJ

Many observers—including U.S. President Barack Obama – claim that Chinese leader Xi Jinping has already consolidated his political power and now commands more authority at a far earlier point than his predecessors did when they ruled China. 823 more words

China Alert

Taiwan Watching New China Intelligence-Gathering Posts

Chinese People’s Liberation Army listening post in China’s Fujian Province. Photo by Kanwa

By Jason Pan
Taipei Times

China has installed new aerial listening stations on the coast of its Fujian Province, a military spokesman said yesterday, adding that are being taken to counter surveillance and enhance the security of important electronic communications. 305 more words

TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN (Zhì qu weihu shan)

THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN has blood, guts, and sentiment.  Based on actual events, and on the novel by Bo Qu, it’s a sweeping epic of a war film set in northwest China just after World War II has ended, when the government has collapse into corruption, bandits are terrorizing the villages, and the People’s Liberation Army is struggling to get a foothold in the Chinese Civil War.   737 more words


China has just banned the burqa in its biggest Muslim city

Chinese authorities have banned women in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang—an autonomous western region where Muslims account for almost half of the population—from wearing burqas in public, according to a  513 more words


5 Chinese Weapons Japan Should Fear

The military forces of the Peoples Liberation Army have been increasing at a dramatic rate as tensions between China and Japan have escalated over ownership of the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. 64 more words

Military Aviation

Spending on China's People's Liberation Army continues to grow

Spending on China’s People’s Liberation Army can be expected to continue to grow at a double-digit annual pace in 2015, despite a slight economic cooling for the country’s economy in 2014, writes… 95 more words

Defence Watch

China and the United States are preparing for war

Usually countries fight for gains or to prevent losses, but US experts are quite different. Michael Pillsbury, the director of the Centre on Chinese Strategy at the Hudson Institute, holds quite different views. 1,744 more words