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Oracle announces Customer 2 Cloud Program in India

New Delhi, India, August 26, 2014: Oracle today announced its Customer 2 Cloud Program in India. This initiative enables organizations to confidently embrace the cloud and use it to support business transformation initiatives. 10 more words

Think-time functions in PeopleSoft

Source: psoftsearch.com

Think-time functions are those functions in PeopleSoft that suspend processing until the user has taken some action or until an external process has run to completion. 118 more words



Source: Thanks for shannonscncjdeblog and SUPPORT.MICROSOFT.COM

My context is to work on Office 2013 32 bit and 64 bit with BI Publisher Desktop. There were much trouble when working on Office 2013, and it is said that 2013 is not fully supported by BIP. 317 more words


Using Drilling URL in RTF Template

Source: docs.oracle.com

Drilling URLs are supported in BI Publisher reports with a data source of PS Query or Connected Query.

Note: Drilling URLs are supported only in RTF templates. 302 more words


summary text property to set or return a string representing the summary text for the grid using peoplecode


&MyGrid.SummaryText = “This is the new summary text through PeopleCode”;


Use the GetImageExtents function to return the width and height of the image specified by ImageName.

Local array of number &ImageExtents;

&ImageExtents = GetImageExtents(Image.PT_TREE_EXPANDED);

WinMessage(“Height is ” | &ImageExtents[1] | ” and width is ” | &ImageExtents[2]);