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Sweet and delicious
Soft and creamy
Not a bit ambitious
They’re just too dreamy

Licked and bitten
Send me shivers
No words written
To take that glimmer… 15 more words

Random Thoughts

the nut house

The mental hospital is a scary place for a young 20 year old girl. There are old crazy people wandering around and touching people; young girls who took too much acid and are on a trip forever. 152 more words


If you tell the truth it teaches you a lesson, but if you lie you are going to be in lots of trouble.

Always tell the truth because telling the truth can lead you into goodness. 11 more words



Love is an open door.

Open your heart to it

and let your steps take your through that door.



Happiness comes from the inside.

Saying thank you to people can make you happy.


You Are Beautiful

When people say you’re beautiful, you might not believe it but just know inside beauty shines!


Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Splish and splash the sound of waves,
The gentle spray meets my gaze.

A graceful dance with the rock,
An art form no one would ever dare mock. 102 more words