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Life is a delicious cake full of ingredients we choose.
My cake has pieces of almost everything in it
tasty and delicious.
I am a Bohemian, eating with my hands, 107 more words

Pepper Poetries

Twilight. ..

In the light after dark
Heavy with Moon dangling from curtained skies
It’s raining. Again!
Orions rising
But Twilight reigns.

Under starlit glimmer
Dappling shadows play across your features… 58 more words

Pepper Poetries


I could have gone to Paris
on my way to Morocco
Instead I chose to stay here
to remain invisible
It might have be my dream trip… 98 more words

Pepper Poetries

It's Monday Lovely Monday

It’s Monday- lovely Monday. Not that I am keeping track.
I lost track of the names of things, in one tesseract
It’s Monday tho
They tell me so… 132 more words

Pepper Poetries


One Idyll’s over, one’s soon to be
One quiet place with sanctuary
My Church is within
Despite Original Sin
Nothing unique, just the ordinary.

We live We love We wander… 68 more words

Pepper Poetries


Were I to look up from examining my navel,
a pursuit that has proved to be been nothing but painful
I may indeed find that my insides are still playful… 131 more words

Pepper Poetries

From The Shadows

To the morning from the shadows, I come, I come
From the blackness in the darkness, I run, I run
when the first sharp ray of dawn strikes, anon,anon… 113 more words

Pepper Poetries