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Were I to look up from examining my navel,
a pursuit that has proved to be been nothing but painful
I may indeed find that my insides are still playful… 131 more words

Pepper Poetries

From The Shadows

To the morning from the shadows, I come, I come
From the blackness in the darkness, I run, I run
when the first sharp ray of dawn strikes, anon,anon… 113 more words

Pepper Poetries

Hobbit Stuff from 2003 (oh my Lord)

“ON THE SIDE”, a song by Kae

I have a hankering for a song
Please learn the words and sing along
It isn’t naughty, lewd, or rude… 139 more words

Pepper Poetries

We Can Never Change

Growing more like always we were
Stronger versions of ourselves
Getting to be that age around here
Where others quit, while we jump off those shelves. 289 more words

Pepper Poetries

Bree Gate Song

  •♫♪ Bree Gate Song   •♫♪

Harry was a gatekeeper, 
just working shifts West–Gate    
2 Riders came a calling, 
Black and grim as fate          
Harry spoke so quiet–like                                 145 more words

Pepper Poetries

First the Worst

Zero the Hero
Showing up is the test
First the Worst and
Second the best
Ask to mean something.
Hope. Abide. Rest.

Give it your all… 99 more words

Pepper Poetries


We’re riffing through your catalogue
walking hand in hand
We’re scarfing down those sesame balls
the hourglass turned our sands
We’re walking Chinatown
while the meter runs down… 98 more words

Pepper Poetries