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Signs Of Teen Relationship Violence

Here’s an article out of the Billings, Montana Gazette about Teen Dating Violence. The article offers some signs of teen dating violence and suggests a solution. 409 more words

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at least 100 georgia students were hit with pepper spray

1. Douglas County High School, west of Atlanta, was the target of the pepper spray bomb. 2. 75 to 100 students complained about itchy eyes and noses 3. 23 more words

Florida vacations ... to die for.

Family Of Nick Christie, Man Who Died In Florida Jail’s Restraint Chair, Settles Lawsuit

After Huffington Post and other outlets reported in January 2012 on the incident, Florida Gov. 176 more words

TBI Report On Campus Crime

This is a report from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) on crime on college campuses. Reports of burglary are down but Sex Assault cases are up. 221 more words

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Title IX Role In Campus Assaults

Here’s a story about the role Title IX plays in dealing with Campus Sexual Assaults. The story goes on to say that sexual assault rates on college campuses vary across the country but almost all of them are troubling. 474 more words

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Personal Safety using Non-Lethal Methods

How many times have you heard someone say ” you can’t live your life in fear, just go out and enjoy yourself”? Well while that is true, enjoying yourself with reckless abandon can have its dangers. 1,016 more words

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Teen Relationship Violence

According to this story 25% of children ages 11 to 14 say that Teen Dating Violence is a serious concern for their age group. The same story indicates that almost all of these children know someone who has been abused in a relationship. 475 more words

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