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The Tomatoes and Capsicums Bust a Move

Hot on the tails of the cucumbers, which are going nuts (cucumber salad again, then?), the tomatoes and capsicums are busting a move. Thank goodness. You can only look longingly at bunches of green tomatoes for so long. 178 more words


Swon Brothers: Man Crush Monday

In honor of #ManCrushMonday, every week Pepper highlights one of her favorite male country artists.

From Muskogee, Oklahoma, the Swon Brothers stole hearts across America during the fourth season of NBC’s “The Voice,” the first duo to make it from the Top 12 live shows to the season finale. 131 more words


Roast Vegetables

My sister made these vegetables for her friend’s baby shower and they were delicious. They are really easy to make and super healthy. It’s amazing how heat can transform a vegetable, because raw these vegetables are not all that interesting. 218 more words

Comfort Food

Pickles - A Necessary Garnish

You can pickle just about anything in the produce section, and you – yes you – should do it today. The standard pickles are cucumber (the eponymous ‘pickles’), onions, or carrots; but beyond that comfort zone, you have radishes, bell peppers, mustard seeds and… well, everything else. 230 more words

Gluten free Vegetarian Cauliflower Veggie Pizza

I keep hearing my friends say they have gluten intolerance, so I wanted to share this enhanced version of my Cauliflower Veggie Pizza sticks. This recipe will make you feel like you are not missing the bread and also Cauliflower is a low carb veggie. 284 more words

Nature's Yummy

"The Pepper"

Today in Intro. to computer graphics we did a pepper and we had to shade and highlight with a mesh grid. I like how it turned out and i used the eye dropper so the colors were accurate. Overall my pepper is HOT!

Spicy Shrimp with Angel Hair


The meal is filling and has a lot of kick!! It is so spicy!! We made this meal a long time ago, and I have not been able to post about it due to my beautiful, new niece’s arrival! 285 more words

Make It Fresh Make It Healthy- Pampered Chef