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Red Baron Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

Red Baron’s Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza was a mixed bag for sure. It’s getting close to my two month period of eating healthier (less pizza) while I train for my first 10k race, so this week has kind of been a last hurrah. 287 more words


The Egg Solution

Once a week I shop for groceries. I’ve gotten much better at estimating my needs for the week and buying just that amount. At the end of the week, I try to empty my fridge of “extras”. 82 more words


Palo Mesa Pizza, San Luis Obispo

It was an unusual day for us here at the SLO Eater. Usually when out and about looking for a new dining experience there is only one choice, Mexican. 574 more words


Bella Napoli Bambino Pepperoni Pizza (Trader Joe's)

I love these little buggers. $3.99 gets you a package of 4 at Trader Joe’s. If you only eat one at a time, you’re probably a psycho. 265 more words


Pizza Pasta

It can be a real challenge cooking for a toddler. Miss M was going through a chicken finger phase for the last little while and I had to get her out of it somehow. 394 more words



When I was a Freshman in college – back when the dinosaurs were still executing panty raids on the saber-tooths – my roommates and I pooled our cash to order pizza one night. 285 more words

About pizza pockets...

Homemade pizza is not really my thing. Of the several times I’ve attempted in the past the resulting “pizza” has been lackluster, to say the least. 445 more words