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Nasi Bakmoy

Nasi Bakmoy is an inter cultural dish between the Chinese and Javanese. According to a source,the word ‘bakmoy’ came from “Bah Mui” which originally using pork as the star ingredient. 709 more words


Babi pongtay (stewed pork with fermented soy beans)

One of the dishes we request for when we are back in Singapore is Babi Pongtay. It is a Peranakan dish. Each family has their own special version. 303 more words


Travel Theme: Round

For Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Round, here are pictures of something “round” :-)

These images were taken during Chinese New Year in my hometown Melaka in Malaysia. 122 more words


A Small Town called Binjai 〜 Part 1: The Three Old Streets

I live in a small town in North Sumatra. It’s called Binjai. Many have said that there is nothing special about this old town. Some may come here for its delicious food, but those who live here often seek entertainment elsewhere. 998 more words


5 Things You May Not Know About Batiks - Hayden Ng

1. There are many uses for batiks and they include making of sarongs, embroideries and altar cloths.

2. Batik altar cloths have been traditionally used in many occasions like Chinese New Year, weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. 149 more words


straits cafe at hotel rendezvous, bras basah

ok, so I promise this the last of chinese new food-related posts for this year at least; but this post was sitting forlornly in the drafts folder, and I thought to share. 311 more words


Peranakan Museum

This Saturday I went out to explore the culture side of Singapore on a more in depth level. Culture in Singapore is everywhere, and the diversity makes Singapore a very interesting place to be. 381 more words