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Call Me Crazy

I’ve recently entered the big wide world of mental health bloggers. I’ve struggled with my mental health since I was 16 (from what I remember — my psychiatrist says it seems I was showing symptoms even before then), but didn’t get into blogging until earlier this year and didn’t become a mental health advocate until a few months ago. 1,436 more words


What is Embodiment # 39: The Sea of Samsara

Who is the witness? Who is the perceiver?

Who is reading these words now?

Who or what is the conscious component of your life?

You look out from your eyes, you listen out from your ears; but someone or something inside is ultimately receiving the visual and auditory messages, the sensations coming from your body and from within your body. 40 more words

...after years of observing

Ya know, after years of observing the progressive left, I have come to the conclusion the two things they are most fanatically obsessed about is; a perceived God given right to kill babies and preventing victims from defending themselves from criminals. 21 more words


Frame of Reference and Communication Efforts

We began discussing during our class this week the influence of our experiences on our interactions with others. During class, I shared part of my own growing-up experiences, including my experiences in a small town. 142 more words

People and Their Love and Then Mine

I wonder if I don’t trust love, because of the way I have loved in the past.
I wonder now, when people tell me they love me, if I have a harder time believing it. 156 more words


that old black hole

One of my favorite songs, that is, by Dr. Dog.  “looks like that old black hole/no matter how i try/ i set out every day/never to arrive”.  888 more words

Life Now