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People gazes fall upon each other

Stares communicating souls

Stares like daggers of fire

Sphere of discontent, feelings of self hate

Look to the ground… 44 more words


Harold Ramis' Five-Minute Buddha Pocket Guide - Item #6: The Origin of Dukkha (suffering) is attachment to desire

This is the 2nd of the Four Noble Truths. For the 1st Noble Truth, Life is characterized by impermanence and suffering, or Dukkha (insatiable thirst), go to… 588 more words

Me vs. You

Whats so different between us young man?
We both are not great, but i am perceived as great and you are not, why is this? 58 more words

Nothing Is True

Yes, the title may raise some hands. And after reading this whole thing nothing may make sense. But the idea is not to prove this to be a sensible writing or anything of the kind. 523 more words

They alter our perception ...

Like fog, tiredness and stress could alter our perception about the world.

Gabriela Casineanu

Books That Change the Way You See the World

I found a list of 26 books that “change the way you see the world” by Erin La Rosa. Out of the list, I’ve read one: … 276 more words


quoting mc yogi

To pick up on the themes of yesterday’s post and to quote MC YOGI who posted this on instagram this morning … “just when it seems like things are going to end … with great light and love we rise again.” That’s the exact message I needed to hear today. 1,184 more words