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Wipe that Self Off Your Face

The face of the city: a façade is the exterior element of a building, often ornamental, that defines its aesthetic character. The importance of the façade increases with density. 513 more words

New York

In Success, There Is No Such Thing As 'Failure' only 'Feedback'

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to interact with some of the world’s very successful achievers and one of the most prominent consistency among them was this view in perception:  ‘Failure is not a result, it’s an attitude’.  478 more words

Life; A Roller Coaster, Not a Sofa Set

Our perceptions cast an intense shadow on our attitude. Instead, attitude comes from perception(s). Perception is how you look at things/situations and attitude is how you react to things/situations. 266 more words


Keluh Air Bersih

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, air di kostan sempat habis. Beberapa teman juga mengeluhkan hal yang sama di kostan lain. Ternyata, bukan cuman di kostan tapi di sekitar daerah Sarijadi dan beberapa daerah di Bandung mengalami kekeringan. 444 more words


How to use empathy for improving our lives

When we talk about empathy we usually define the capacity of putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. But when it comes to action, it seems very hard to shift from our own perspective to a new one. 612 more words