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What we see when we read the world

“Writers reduce when they write, and readers reduce when they read. The brain itself is built to reduce, replace, emblemize… Verisimilitude is not only a false idol, but also an unattainable goal. 103 more words


The Mirror of Truthiness

<You’re holding your head in your hands. Did you just realize that Dove soap is not 99 and 44/100 percent pure? Is it the specter of communism? 467 more words

Ice Age


Glorification of the artificial impossible
all in that quest
of that airbrushed touched up
Cosmo cover of perfection

bleached teeth polished and capped; hair transplants… 124 more words


Both Feet on the Ground


Both Feet on the Ground

Great stones rising with no weight, not waiting
For gravity to force them down underground,
Birds flying to the moon in migration astound us… 272 more words