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Perceptions and the Law of Attraction

Growing up, I attended middle school with classmates who lived within a few blocks’ distance. The school was in close proximity to a few separate urban residential areas surrounded with so many trees and acres of open green space that the apartment buildings were the only city giveaway. 1,410 more words


Contrasting images

i was on Amazon buying a lot of clothes because I am also a shopping addict. I found two black jumpers, one with Bart and another with My little pony. 47 more words

Toxic People


At one point or another we all have been around someone who is Toxic. I usually do not let these Negative Nellies ruin my day,  however, when it comes to your career or professional development it may be a little harder. 222 more words



My sense of self is skewed and its been this way for some time. The way I see myself versus the way others see me no longer mesh; some of this is due to personal growth but most of it is because of fibromyalgia. 200 more words


Fear Couldn't Stop Her

I lived my entire life always in the claws of fear. Fear captured me and it ruled my life. My mind and more importantly my intuition was always hypersensitive examining every situation and every person as to their motives. 1,377 more words


Distorted Perception of Reality

Last week, we talked about the stress caused by digital media. Today, let’s look at how electronic devices cause distorted perception of reality. Most of the children who grew up before 1990s did not interact much with electronic devices. 420 more words

Electronic Devices


Mad-maxed out
In the methadone thunder-dome
No one leaves alone
Brain gone insane
Zeroed out eyes rolled back
Watching the monkey climb the back
Flying like a drone in a no fly zone… 188 more words