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Hollywood, please don't make 'Neuromancer' into a movie

A friend of the family has a son who, at a younger age, was a huge fan of the Percy Jackson book series. So when the first movie hit theaters, he was one excited kid. 551 more words


Let's Be Fictional- 7 Side Effects of Reading too Much!

Come February 14th love is in the air as everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day with that special someone. Yet who ever said that only human relationships deserve a day of their own is sorely mistaken. 683 more words


Jackson V.S Potter

Hmm, who is better, Potter or Jackson? Let the poll draw conclusions!

Take Our Poll

Which book is better, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson? Let the poll once again help us! 6 more words

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Top Ten Tuesday — Bookish Things (that aren't books) That I Would Like To Own

Hey, guys!  Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday.  This week’s theme is top ten bookish items we’d like to own.  I have a feeling this is going to be fun! 469 more words

Hi! This is me.

So hi. Hey. Hi or hey. I’m Danica, 16 and off to college in a few. Welcome to my blog :)

I’m very new and still very confused with this blogging business so I’m just gonna go ahead and write something about my blog and myself. 321 more words

5 Seconds Of Summer

Books VS Movie Adaptations

Hey guys! I’ll be doing something different today and I’m going to discuss my thoughts on books and their movie adaptations, which is a highly debatable subject. 1,005 more words

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Percy Jackson fanfiction: The new generation

We are the new generation and you would think that our generation is even stronger and smarter since both our parents our half gods. Well, for a lot of us that is true, but for me it’s not. 569 more words