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Easter Combo: The Magical Duo!

So here it is; another sorry. (Yikes!) I guess you guys get a bit tired of these, but I gotta apologize for skipping the reviews over during Easter. 542 more words

Book Reviews

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

This is my first ever book review and I am not quite sure about my work. But I’m just sharing the things that I think when I hear the title “The Lightning Thief”. 580 more words

The Percy Jackson Tag!

Don’t blame me for the random appearance of this tag. BLAME MY STRONG OBSESSION WITH PERCY JACKSON!

So on to the tag.

1. Which camp would you go to? 491 more words

Happy Earth Day!

This beautiful artwork was done by Burdge on tumblr. I want to remind everyone that being green is a good thing to do to save the planet, even if you think Global Warming, ocean acidification, etc. 32 more words

The Seven's Eyes

I had no idea what to draw so I drew this:

Wait, why doesn’t it show up on the reader? That’s not fair. There’s an image here I promise. 93 more words

My Art

Sing Us a Song

“You’re the Piano Man”

Except that in this drawing, it’s not a man. Because I can’t draw men, guys, or boys. I’m getting so much better now though, and I’ve been practicing on Harry Potter and Percy Jackson (the characters). 34 more words

My Art


hey guys !!

ive been planning to do a review on these two books since a long time and i finally finished city of ashes so here is the review for the first 2 books in the mortal instruments series . 393 more words