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Technicolor (A Guest Post by Linda Meineker)

It’s gardening time again. What a great time of discovery. Seeing the plants break ground again is a new experience every spring. The ground goes from a brown bed of brush to raked off and refreshed earth with short stubs of life peaking through. 240 more words

Spring has sprung

What a lovely play on words isn’t it – spring has sprung?! It conjures up scenes of vigorous growth, young and full of life, literally sprouting before our very eyes. 269 more words


The bergenias

I love bergenias – large, shiny leaves in the summer, purples leaves in the winter, and spectacular deep magenta flower heads in the spring.


The Rainbow at the Bus Stop

I thought it was spam, and then a scam… A Nigerian prince offering riches beyond my wildest dreams. For a price.  The e-mail read: “Dear shopper:  You have received this notification from… 715 more words

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