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Radio Perez Update: Kanye And Paul McCartney Team Up

Kanye West has never been shy about teaming up with people – I mean look at him and Kim K!! – and this time is no different.  65 more words


Radio Perez Update: Ariana And Big Sean

We were all sad when Big Sean and Glee star Naya Rivera split up. Then we found out Naya got married just 3 months after the break up.  71 more words


Radio Perez Update: Kardashians Halt Taping

What do you do when people are constantly stealing things from your house during taping? You put an end to recording until a solution has been found. 63 more words


Radio Perez Update: Gwyneth Paltrow New Man

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin aren’t officially divorced but Gwyneth has DEFINITELY moved on. It looks as if she already has a new man. Wow, that was quick. 50 more words


The Daily Read: So, You Want Us to Come Hard Huh?

It’s been a little over two months since The Library first launched… only two months people! I am beyond proud of the work we have produced thus far – this blog is like our baby! 415 more words

The Daily Read

Perez Hilton Shares Personal Past Struggle with Depression and Thoughts on Robin Williams Death

This morning (August 12) Perez Hilton talked to Carson Daly about the sudden death of Robin Williams.

He shared his own struggles with depression in his mid-twenties when he was suicidal every single day. 96 more words


Teen Choice Awards Not a Teen Choice At All?

Teen Choice Awards Not a Teen Choice At All?

YouTube “star” Shane Dawson (Shane DawsonTV with well over six million subscribers) has come out, along with quite a number of others and declared that the Teen Choice Awards is not a teen choice at all, in fact, the whole thing is a con. 22 more words