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Perfect Circles

Drawing a perfectly round circle, or a perfectly straight line the first time round is near most impossible. That’s why erasers were invented, so we can erase our mistakes and redo it. 306 more words

gratitude-a-thon day 417: it's what you do with the mess that interests me

It used to be that i was enamored of anyone whose life looked easy. If you could tell their story in two pages of Cosmo with glossy photos, you had me. 555 more words

My once in a life time experience

Over the past few days its been slowly sinking in just how lucky I am to have traveled to all of the places I have in my life, 220 more words

Moa & Bastian

I slutet av augusti förra året fotograferade jag min fina vän Moa när hon var i slutet av sin graviditet. Det blev så många fina bilder i omgivningarna där hon bor. 110 more words

Perfect Life


På en mysig liten innergård ligger Trines butik balsalen. Vi hittade den i våras när vi var i Århus och igår var det dags för ett besök igen! 42 more words

Perfect Life

Perfect Imperfections

When breathing becomes to hard to do’ what is then easier? Not to breath? Stop breathing completely. Maybe it is, maybe breathing is the reason why pain and suffering is upon us and dreadfulness is upon this earth we live in. 512 more words

Decoration Of Life

Do I Envy You?

Having to read your statuses in a social media (that we’re friended in) was certainly jolt something in me… and it’s not a good thing. It made me restless with my own state of existence. 426 more words

Morning Thoughts