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Positive minds

The happiest people I know today have positive mindsets about life. We all know those people, smiling constantly and lighting up any room they choose to enter. 46 more words


The Buttbook

Facebook sucks! Hey, don’t get me wrong. I am an avid Facebook user. I proudly post photos of my kids, myself, my family. I share achievements, funny stuff and milestones. 487 more words


Help! I think I have made a mess of my life!!!

Sometimes I open a Sunday newspaper and read about someone with a perfect house and a perfect career and a perfect life and …..it drives me mental!!!   2,096 more words

Angel Advice

In The Event You Think My Life Is Perfect

I’ve written about this topic before (Do You Want Someone To Like The Fake You?) but I think the message bears repeating.

I see comments all the time about how people only show the perfect side of life on social media. 560 more words


Throwback Thursday.

#tbt to the perfect life I once pictured. Wanting everyday to be free of life’s worries and challenges.

But now, as I grow through life and the adversities that I face, I can smile. 258 more words


The only one who understands

The only person who knows how you really feel is me

I am aware of the emptiness you feel in the middle of the night… 418 more words

School Life Episodes

The fucking perfect life.

If your life has sex, drugs, money then my friend, you are leading a fuckin’ perfect life. I’m so proud of you.

- Inspired by The wolf of wall street.