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I Will Be The Awesomest Librarian Ever, You Guys

Contrary to what you might believe -

1) I do realize “awesomest” is not technically a word. WordPress keeps reminding me of this fact by adding the squiggly line underneath every time I write it. 520 more words


"Welcome to the Life of a Recovering Perfectionist" -Mr.B

My teacher said this to me the other day and it just kind of stuck with me because it is so true of me. I am such a perfectionist i have slight OCD. 424 more words


duct taped discovery

To say that I’m overly critical of myself would be to say that the sun is bright or that the ocean is wet.

I was reminded of this (abundantly obvious to all but myself) fact this week when, in one day, I received back two grades which exactly matched each other in numerical value. 493 more words


It's hard to write the perfect chapter, so today I didn't try to

Instead, today I slashed my darlings.  (I can’t remember where to  reference that, but I know I didn’t make it up).

I cut about a thousand words that reeked of intellect and were sort of depressing.   150 more words

When Things Fall Apart

(Sometimes it pays to just give up.)

Today was the only day this week when we didn’t have to be up and at ‘em, out and about, … 847 more words

Questions About Myself

This post consists of random facts about myself. grav3yardgirl on YouTube (I love you, Bunny!) challenged her followers to answers these questions and I was more than happy to oblige, so… Voila! 1,584 more words