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Grades matter?

I dropped a course because I was afraid it might tarnish my perfect GPA and become an unnecessary obstacle in my quest for grad school admission. 235 more words


Imperfections of a Perfectionist

For starters, perfection is a relative perception,we are constantly flawed beings anyway.

Perfectionists don’t necessarily strive for things to be ‘perfect’ they are just very concerned,many times to a fault of getting things ‘right’ or ‘precise’. 616 more words

Relational Christianity

It's Out of Control!

I’ll say it.  I’m a perfectionist.  Sometimes I scrap a whole art piece that I’ve been working on forever just because I don’t like the way one part of it looks.   238 more words

Your Goals

I remember a moment in time when these certificates meant the world to me. In fact, these recent merits were the sort of things which in my perspective…were the most important achievements in life.

506 more words

Down to the Wire

Back aches
It’s late
Time to sleep
Stay awake.

After all this time spent,
this workshop better be damn good.

And that’s all I have to say. 100 more words


Learning Curve and Being an Adult Perfectionist

With everything in life, there is a learning curve. As I have been doing research on gifted children the past few years, one characteristic comes up quite a bit- … 422 more words

Book of the Week: The Pursuit of Perfect

As a follow-up to Happier, I read The Pursuit of Perfect. The book is structured in the same way as Happier. It has 3 sections with embedded exercises. 345 more words