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Writer's Block Because of Lack of Love Life

I want to write about love, but I forget that I’ve never experienced it. It’s hard to imagine something when you have no clue where to begin. 99 more words

Peony II, Salvaging A Shot

It happens to every photographer–a shot that is almost perfect, except….

I’m a perfectionist, and I can get hung up on those exceptions. When I started taking photos there were a lot of images that I deemed unusable. 195 more words

We're Not Perfect

I’ve realized today, I am too much of a perfectionist to write about something for ten minutes and be happy with it. I chose a topic 3 or 4 different times to write about and either got interrupted…since I’m at work…so my thoughts got interrupted or I think to myself, “This sounds dumb, reset the clock.” 260 more words


Dear Diary

Dulu paling rajin menulis

Karena emang udah berbakat buat “stress” dan “depresi” semenjak puber

Ada aja masalah yang bikin kepikiran

Entah rasa kesal gara-gara berantem sama teman semeja, entah gara-gara naksir cowok tapi ga kesampaian… 210 more words


Spiritual Perfection vs. Worldly Perfection

I’ve shared before about my certain celebrity obsessions. There are some actresses I just can’t get over sometimes. I find myself wishing I could act more like them (when reality they are acting like someone else, too), wishing I could look more like them or talk more like them. 1,138 more words

What I Need To Stop Doing

I need to stop being a perfectionist.

Perfecting projects is a serious time-consumer, mood-killer, and joy-sucker.

Although I’m still in high school, if you asked me what I would have done differently as a teenager, hands down I would say: 9 more words

Personal Reflection

Grades matter?

I dropped a course because I was afraid it might tarnish my perfect GPA and become an unnecessary obstacle in my quest for grad school admission. 236 more words