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Loosening the tie

I am a perfectionist, and I’m realizing that it is destroying my ability to be happy.  I want to learn to be satisfied with where I am today and quit setting unrealistic goals for tomorrow. 152 more words

on failure, or exposure therapy for the perfectionist

Sometimes I have blog drafts open on my computer for weeks at a time as I try to figure out what the end result will be. 417 more words



It’s the little things that drive me insane. For instance, there currently is a credit card commercial where they swipe the credit card the wrong way over and over and over and over! 278 more words

Putting the 'Ow' into Downward Dog...

I’m not very good at not being good at things… my perfectionist streak getting in the way again, no doubt. But however much it continues to elude me, achieving a consistent yoga practice is one of my long-term desires in life. 533 more words



Last night I realized that I have been unknowingly fighting a battle. The battle to prove my worthiness. 

I am a procrastinator. I can accept that. 748 more words

the "perfection" myth

Perfection doesn’t exist, for any one or any thing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

People, by nature, are flawed. And even the most incredible vacation or meal or outfit innately will have a flaw at some point (a nasty sunburn; food poisoning; a snag in our tights). 824 more words


I’m a perfectionist to the core and always wish from the depth of my heart if things were  better and perfect and sometimes people as well.i thought if things were perfect ,I’d be happier .Things like circumstances ,timing ,experiences and just every day life in general that sometimes it just makes me frustrated and disappointed. 257 more words