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Moving a Perforce Changelist to another computer or workspace

The use of shelving in Perforce to move files from one client workspace or computer to another can be extended to move the entire changelist itself, not just the changed files. 61 more words

How to estimate the currently synced Perforce changelist

The following command line will estimate the rough changelist version that your local perforce depot/repository is synced to.

p4 changes -m 1 @<workspace name>

Where “<workspace name>” is replaced with the name of your Perforce client workspace.

Sisyphus programming

I’ve been working hard at multiple things. Sisyphus metaphor: I am at my best when I’m pushing multiple boulders up multiple hills. I’m starting a training course at Sony Pictures Imageworks soon where I’ll be using Python and here are the things I’m learning that I did not know before: 171 more words