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Mixed marketing metaphors.

I have a mate who is an academic economist, a really smart guy used to arguing a point of view, and with a box of stats on call to support any contention he makes, alternatively to pull down anything that runs contrary to his argument. 439 more words


Random Thoughts on Performance Assessment

Sometimes it helps me to clarify ideas if I just jot down some things currently bouncing around my head. Please let me know your thoughts, opinions, or further musing on any of this stuff.   552 more words

Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment: I'm taking a class for this class

So for my primary investigation I signed up for another class, this time as a student rather than a facilitator…  :)

The course (it’s a MOOC… 129 more words

Performance Assessment

6 reasons you might be "engaged".

Many put forward the notion of “Engagement” as the objective of Social Media and web based activity, it crops up with the regularity of a hot dog seller at a big football game. 298 more words


The 3 things that REALLY matter in social media?

There are lots of so called “measures” that get touted as  being able to deliver useful insights into the effectiveness and productivity of investments made in Social Media. 395 more words


Performance Assessment

I have joined a group that will be looking into different models of performance assessments. I was reading some articles this morning and came across this one: … 116 more words

Performance Assessment