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6 imperatives for effective SME email marketing.

Cold emails are usually no more welcome that a cold phone call. However, For small businesses, the emergence of email marketing has transformed the opportunities they have to communicate, but so many fail to do some pretty simple things before embarking on a campaigns, so screw it up, and often give it away as ineffective. 551 more words


6 strategies to be successful, in everything

In life, and all its aspects, business, social , relationships, there are no shortcuts, just easier and simpler ways of doing things. It is just that it takes time and effort to find the easier, more productive, and value additional way. 312 more words


6 ingredients for SME success

The post on the 2 tools SME’s need ¬†in early August¬† led to a comment that, whilst the headlines of focus and discipline made sense, the challenge is in implementation. 398 more words


12 key success factors for SME's

Small businesses make up the vast majority of business numbers, make a huge contribution to economic activity and health, but most do not last 5 years. 609 more words


Marketing recidivism

The word recidivism is usually heard in the context of those convicted and punished, going on to re-offend. The objective is to reduce the rate, ideally to zero. 162 more words


2 tools SME's have to have

Most SME’s I see are run by a single person, without the benefit of any sort of advisory board beyond those with whom he/she has dinner sometimes, when they get the time. 277 more words


7 parameters of a C21 marketing scorecard

Developing metrics to measure the impact and ROI of marketing is becoming a game of choice around competent boardroom tables. Given the level of marketing engagement around many of those tables, it seems sensible for marketers to take the initiative. 210 more words