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Key Theatre Performance!

Hello again!

On the 28th June we performed at a local dance school as a guest act and thought you may like to hear about it, or indeed we would like to write about it. 138 more words


1) Uncover the “Why”

Many times, when teachers are asked why they are teaching a certain lesson they respond with, “Because it’s in the curriculum”. If you are one of these teachers, then you already know the reason why you are having problems making your lessons livelier. 536 more words


News for Today - Book Bubble #3, Pre-Release CD Offer

This just in! If you like what you see and hear at my Samples for the 2014 Navona Relase page, and your heart strings are tugged to help financially back your friendly-neighborhood-composer in the creation of this AWESOME debut release, you can get your copy of… 74 more words


MFAST Alumnus Billy Friebele Featured in Solo Show at Hamiltonian Gallery

In U Street Chromatic (for Duke), Billy Friebele pays homage to Duke Ellington’s Soda Fountain Rag, an improvisational piano composition inspired by the mechanical motions of a soda fountain machine. 191 more words


Belief is Better: The Effect of Rituals on Sports Performance

Talk to any athlete about his or her pre-competition routine, and you’ll get a laundry list of each individual’s “must-do” rituals. These include, but are not limited to: shaving legs immediately prior to the event (swimmers and triathletes), creating identical conditions (eating the same breakfast, wearing the same clothes, performing the same warmup) for every race, listening to certain songs before a game, and readjusting batting gloves obsessively while at the mound (restricting this particular superstitous ritual would do a lot to hurry up a MLB game!) There are thousands of routines, unique to each individual and sport, and when I read this… 281 more words


The Almost "Cool" Guys

“Don’t worry you will be cool one day.”

I had the pleasure of hearing one of the eighth grade boys drop this line on one of the sixth graders. 433 more words

El Castor