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The Roof is on Fire

“Suzanne Lacy’s career as an artist, educator, and activist spans multiple decades and major movements in contemporary art history (Feminist Art, New Genre Public Art , and, more recently, Social Practice). 204 more words


Temporal Relativism (1668 Hours)

In a recent article in the NY Times, a meta-analysis of 88 scientific papers on deliberate practice found that only 21% of the difference in performance between musicians was due to the number of hours they had practiced.   504 more words


How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain - from TedEd

This is a really awesome TedEd Lesson. Considering incorporating it into all of my classes.


Louis Farrakhan Shows Love To Jay Electronica In Open Letter

Enigmatic rapper Jay Electronica has been the talk of the town since he surprised fans at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival with a cameo from Jay Z… 606 more words


When You Are Close To The Edge

At the Grand Canyon there are many places where you can walk right up to a cliff where, with one more step, you will fall hundreds of feet to your death. 378 more words

Big Picture

Between Two Stools.

I don’t think Rebecca Woodhead reads this blog, but in August’s Writing Magazine, she covers the subject of extroverts and introverts, as I did in a previous entry… 385 more words

Robust Design and the Downside of Efficiency

I just read the article The Downside of Efficiency by Mark Buchanan. I realized that there is an analogy between what is discussed in that article and changes in the way we design products. 186 more words