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Watch David Bowie's 1987 Glass Spider Show in Full

Gearing up for David Bowie’s upcoming Career Retrospective at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, I’ve been watching his Glass Spider Show on YouTube and revisiting my misspent youth. 316 more words


Celebrate World Dance Day with Natya Vriksha

Sharanya Chandran

Dancer/Choreographer (Padmashri) Geeta Chandran invites you to participate in
World Dance Day 2014’s
Open-House Seminar and celebrations
with Natya Vriksha’s presentation of Young Dancers Festival… 150 more words


Christy Roberts!

Christy Roberts is an artist with a focus on social practice, performance, and community engagement. I sat down with Roberts in Chinatown to hear about about her early background in politics, using gardening as a protest tool, radical pedagogy, and her change in outlook after the Occupy Movement: 27 more words

Performance Poetry!

Hi all, here is video of one of my performances at a local open mic show called Floetry Fridays. This poem is called ‘The Return’ – it chronicles the journey through the memory of a woman raised in Barbados but living abroad, and her return to the island brings back all these memories. 10 more words



After reading and hearing all about it for years, I finally went to see the argentine version of the Broadway hit “Next to Normal”, here called “CASI NORMALES” 179 more words


When Phil Collins Meets Bill Bruford

Gatot Widayanto

Pagi ini begitu indah …akhirnya saya menemukan secara tak sengaja permainan duo drums kesayangan saya : Phil Collins dan Bill Bruford dalam satu pertunjukan penuh selama empat puluh dua menit di tahun 1976. 635 more words


Brian Van Winkle’s ten minute play (which he also starred in), “The Way I Picture it In My Head Is,” was a big hit at our February show.  409 more words

Blackbird Tavern