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Lets get ittttt

Audi might use a V6 engine instead of a V8 in its upcoming RS4 model. I’m definitely looking forward to that!

The Carpenter, Doug Garry

How do you introduce a piece like this? The answer is probably that I don’t need to – it speaks for itself, in brilliant, soaring imagery and flawless production. 53 more words


Let's Talk Training Thursday: Training and Race Woes

We’ve all been there where we had those “bad runs” or are defeated by our level of performance in an endurance event. Cassandra, Montana… 627 more words


Day 197: Listen to Buskers in Covent Garden

London is known for great music. Genres from every era permeate your ears at every turn. Carling busking spots are everywhere on the tube influencing your walking pace. 353 more words


I make Art

And she asked,
“So, what do you?”
There wasn’t much I could reply with.
So I said,
“I make Art.” 160 more words

The Heart and Soul of an Outstanding Comedian

It is not really in my interest list to watch T.V., let alone glue myself in front of it and wait for a particular program. But then, in past few weeks it seemed to be able to lure me. 457 more words


The Human Experience Las Vegas

Ready for an experience? One of my absolute favorite things to do in Vegas on a Monday night is a little thing called Human Experience. … 339 more words

Las Vegas