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Caching Architecture (Adobe AEM) - Part 1

Cache (as defined by Wikipedia) is a component that transparently stores data such that future requests for data can be faster. I hereby presume that you understand cache as a component and any architectural patterns around caching and thereby with this presumption I will not go into depth of caching in this article. 2,769 more words


Bonita Summerland Presents Flamenco Del Mar

We love to embrace the arts and culture and that’s why Bonita Summerland is so excited to bring you Flamenco Del Mar. On August 2nd at 6:00pm join us for a very special and exclusive performance under the direction of the one and only talented… 113 more words


The first Web-scale problem - too many parts

While originally intended for online application and storage providers, web-scale architectures have plenty of capabilities that catch the attention of enterprise IT. A web-scale architecture’s ability to scale both performance and capacity in a cost effective manner is at the top of every enterprise’s wish list. 404 more words


The Experiment

The Experiment

The aim of the experimental was to see how endurance performance of an athlete changed through the elimination of refined carbohydrates in the diet, runners are renowned for being a bit naughty with foods (because we can get away with it) eating high sugar foods may not change your body composition if activity levels are high – everyone has the “I’ll run it off later” attitude to a certain extent but I’d say my diet was pretty awful (greggs breakfasts most mornings) lots of bread, cereals, chocolate bars, pretty much anything which was convenient and I could grab on the go. 957 more words