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Force of Norms: The Mystical Foundation of Concepts

In some unpublished ‘lectures on communication’ from 1847, Kierkegaard seeks to lay out why ethical communication cannot be equated with or derived from communication about objective knowledge. 940 more words

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ddtm#1: Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom is a London based artist who explores the blurring space between the material and digital world. He works with a variety of media and processes, including sound and video. 145 more words

Call for papers: The Transept and its Upper Levels in the High Medieval Church (Lausanne, 20-21 April 2015)

The Transept and its Upper Levels in the High Medieval Church: Towards a New Functional Approach (Architecture, Decor, Liturgy and Sound)

International and Interdisciplinary Conference – Lausanne, 20th-21st of April 2015… 1,028 more words

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Researching In Post-Conflict Areas: Thinking Reflexively About Nationality

By Will Andrews, Aberystwyth University

A recent article in the journal Area, written by Matthew Benwell (2014) discusses the challenges of conducting research on different sides of a socio-political conflict and is based on his fieldwork experiences in Argentina and the Falkland Islands. 525 more words



Mijn tekst van 10 tot 20 regels:

“Als één van hen nu eens werd bevrijd van zijn boeien, en ertoe gedwongen werd plots op te staan en op te kijken naar het licht; als hij, bij alles wat hij aldus doet, pijn zou hebben, en als de schittering van het licht het hem onmogelijk zou maken die dingen te onderscheiden, waarvan hij daareven de schaduwen zag: wat zou hij zeggen, denkt ge, als iemand hem zei dat alles wat hij tot nog toe zag slechts beuzelarijen waren, maar dat hij nu, heel wat dichter bij de werkelijkheid staande en naar werkelijker dingen gekeerd, een juistere kijk heeft op de zaken?  123 more words


Why the Federal Reserve Failed to See the Financial Crisis of 2008: The Role of “Macroeconomics” as a Sensemaking and Cultural Frame

In this very interesting and enlightening paper by Neil Fligstein, Jonah Stuart Brundage & Michael Schultz (University of California, Berkeley), they tackle one of the puzzles about the crisis of 2008: why the regulators were so slow to recognize the impending collapse of the financial system. 303 more words


Call for Submissions: The Multiple eXposure Project Zine 1.0

I recently came across this awesome looking online zine project that might be of interest to digital humanities scholars:

The Multiple eXposure Project is a multimedia, multi/trans/inter-disciplinary artistic practice and research-based initiative that explores the many layers of image-making, participatory photography, visual ethnography, and performative encounter(s) between the image and the spectator. 202 more words

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