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The Light Bulb Conspirancy: Planned Obsolescence.

“The light bulb conspiracy” is one of those documentaries which not leave you indifferent; it hits a nerve and develops a critical spirit on you. 445 more words


My Name is Megan, I Identify as a Woman, and Use the Pronouns “She/Her/Herself”: Gender Positive Pronouns and Gender Trouble

Butler’s ideas regarding the performativity of gender and the disjunction of sex, gender, and desire have become foundational to feminist and queer theoretical thinking in the last twenty years since their publication. 651 more words

Helene Fischer for Eurovision!!

Well, I must admit I’ve only been made aware about Helene Fischer’s music only recently (since last autumn) when my German Eurovision friend told me how her song ‘Atemlos durch die nacht’ was the most popular song in Germany last year. 469 more words


Experiencing 'everyday' Eurovision - fan perspectives

I must admit, I didn’t really listen to much Christmas music over the festive period. Even on Christmas Day, I was playing my Eurovision tunes in the shower and I haven’t really listened to much else! 577 more words


Ep. 14 - Václav Havel, with special guests Sara Lyons and Jeff Graves

John is without Rachel and B, so he brings in some very special guests for this Václav Havel bonanza. First, Jeff Graves – a former co-host with John on a podcast of yore – joins to discuss Havel’s essay Power of the Powerless and play  245 more words


Liminal Spaces: Alliterative Poem and Exploration of Liminality

Liminal Spaces: An alliterative poem

White worshipers whisper wishes with

hopes for a heavenly haven that helps heathens heal hurts and

save souls scorched from searing sin to sleep at night. 906 more words

Spatial Dialogues