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Directors and Puppets: Questions To Ask Yourself

Emma Williams – key questions when starting to direct a puppetry project

The Puppet

Why am I using a puppet?  Is it justified?  

If the processes begins with a puppet I start by watching it and ask simply – What does it do well and where are its limits? 275 more words

anton walter and the una corda shift

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The following text represents a snippet of authentic research, too small to warrant a printed article, but too important not to share. 1,556 more words

Early Music

See Hayden Tee on the Gold Coast!

Well, this is awesome! Hayden Tee, who will share the stage with our good friends, Patrice Tipoki (Fantine) and Simon Gleeson (Valjean), when he steps into Javert’s shoes for the new Cameron Mackintosh 25th Anniversary Les Miserables, comes to the Gold Coast first! 420 more words

Performing Arts

Ellen J. Barrier Radio Plays the Greatest Hits

On rainy days or nights, relaxing and reading a good book, while listening to favorite music and songs, are unforgettable.You can enjoy that experience here on Ellen J. 144 more words


Share the Love – Lesley Koenig

New blog post from Lesley Koenig -

What I love about Samson and Delilah, this particular opera, is first, the characters are all complex.  Delilah is caught between her love and her hatred for Samson, and Samson is caught between his love for Delilah and love for his God.  

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Lesley Koenig

People Who Make Opera – Lesley Koenig

New blog post from Lesley Koenig -

People don’t often understand what a stage director is, so in a nutshell, this is what we do.  We’re the master storytellers.  

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Lesley Koenig

Brooks Avenue Painting Removed

New blog post from Lesley Koenig -

A  lawsuit has been filed over the destruction of a mural in Venice, California. The mural, a public work by a group called the Los Angeles Fine Arts Squad was blasted off with water, with a replica painted in it’s place by another artist. 132 more words

Lesley Koenig