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Let's go Turkey!

After 7 years I went back to Antalya. A city at the Mediterranean coast area of Turkey. Lately I have only been on active trips and actually never came back relaxed. 1,006 more words



Moving deeper into the touristy seaside towns of Turkey, I arrived at Antalya at night. A, a tour guide, had agreed to host me. He picked me up on his Kawasaki motorbike and damn, it was my first (and only) time to date riding on a powerful motorbike and it was one hell of a thrilling ride. 838 more words


Perge - Awesome Archaeological Site in Turkey!

One of the main reasons we came to Turkey was for the archaeological sites the ancients left behind for us. After months and months of planning we finally got to go to the first few sites one our very long list. 676 more words


Hercules Farnese of Perge and . . . .

A beautiful second century A.D. statue of Hercules was found in the baths of Perge.  The Boston Museum of Fine Arts returned the top portion of the statue to Turkey in September 2011.  238 more words