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The Divine Dance

Within the divine life there abides an eternal relationship of self-giving, mutual, and shared love. Father, Son, and Spirit deeply and intimately know one another. There is no fear, shame, or insecurity in their knowledge of one another. 125 more words

Surrendered Life


THE WORD “FORMATION” has been restored to common usage when speaking of persons preparing for, and functioning within, the Church's ordained priesthood. I'm so glad. “Training” never quite cut the ice for me. 414 more words



From the Epistle reading for Ash Wednesday: See, now is the acceptable time; see, now is the day of salvation!

This is our biggest problem. We just don’t see. 231 more words


Being God's Beloved: Talk 1: Who is Your God?

On Wednesday 12 March, we started the series of five talks on the theme of “Being God’s Beloved” at St Martin’s Anglican Church in Irene, South Africa. 42 more words

God's Love For You

Catholicism and Tai Chi: The Trinity

I had been reflecting on the trinity in Catholicism, a mystery of truth that tells us God is three persons, one God. I mentioned before how Tai Chi in a sense reflects the “perichoresis” or dance of the intimate relationship of the Father Son and Holy Spirit, with the only caveat being that the metaphor of dance is something that makes tai chi really less than what it is, that is, tai chi is not dancing, but the revolving interrelationship of yin and yang. 357 more words

Tai Chi

Phoebadius: The Early Church Figure You Probably Don’t Know

by Kate Hanch

In researching the development of the doctrine of perichoresis (the mutual indwelling of the three Trinitarian persons) last year for a class, I came across a name I had never heard of before: … 504 more words