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Resources and a plug

In July, Gerhard Bogner of Salzburg presented data at a Breech Birth Network study day.  Although the series is small, the data indicate that when the mother is in all fours position to birth a breech baby, approximately 70% of those births will occur completely spontaneously, eg. 541 more words


Sex After Third Degree Tear

Note: this is a fairly detailed explanation of my first postpartum experience of sex. If you don’t want to read the gory details of my sex life, I suggest you click onto a different page about now! 577 more words


TT; 46; Milwaukee, WI

I’m a straight man in my mid 40s, married to a wonderful woman whom I love dearly, and I really enjoy being on the receiving end of butt sex. 1,098 more words

Community Placement (Part 2) Day 13

My most memorable visit from today was unfortunately a lady whose perineal tear stitches had started to unravel. We didn’t discover this until the end of the visit when she changed her mind and asked us to check her perineum and the stitches (she had previously said she felt they were healing fine and she wasn’t a 1st time mum either). 275 more words

Brett; 31; Palos Verdes, CA

So I am early thirties cool surfer dude living in Palos Verdes, SoCal working mostly from home.  I chose this type of lifestyle because I was tired of being a 9 to 5 robot and wanted to create my own hours.   422 more words

The problem of episiotomy (old posts 16/16)

To those who don’t really have a good idea of what an episiotomy is, here’s what Wikipedia says: “An episiotomy is a surgically planned incision on the perineum and the posterior vaginal wall during second stage of labour.” In other words – the doctor making a cut in the perineum/vagina to make more space for the baby to come out when the baby is about to be born. 1,190 more words