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Science: Larger than Economics, Smaller than Life

A month ago, almost 40 years later, I decided to resume something I started in high school and memorized the entire periodic table, an entirely useless feat. 623 more words

Periodic Table

Periodic Table Learnding :P

Hey Guys! I have recently taken up the task of learning the periodic table, I already know 1-21 and there chemical symbols as well at the atomic mass of Hydrogen. 31 more words

Praseodyium - Terbium

59- Praseodymium: Praseodymium is frequently used in welder’s and glass blower’s goggles to filter out yellow light which helps protect their eyes 

60- Neodymium: For each megawatt of electricity produced by a wind turbine, 200 kg of neodymium is needed!  107 more words


Periodic Table!

Hey Guys! I have been working on my design for the periodic table and I have got some new design ideas plus I sort-of know how to make the sounds play ( 52 more words

Awesome Periodic Table

Hey Guys! I have recently joined the science club (I think I already told you). I have decided for the science fair I will be making a periodic table that when you press a button with the atomic number on it the element with the corresponding number has some LEDs light up around it and it says the name of the element (props for my friend flynn for giving me the idea where it says the name of the element).

Cya round.