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Chapter 3: The Periodic Table

3.1 Why is the periodic table important?

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Introduction to Particle Physics Part 1: What is the world made of?

(This is the first in a 4-part introductory series on Particle Physics, a new part will be released daily after November 26th)

Our view of the composition of the world has changed remarkably over the centuries. 396 more words

Introduction To Particle Physics

Chapter 1: How did Chemistry begin?

What’s an element?

Elements are:

“…each of more than one hundred substances that cannot be chemically inter-converted or broken down into simpler substances and are primary constituents of matter.”

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Atom Recreations


Atomic Mass: 1.008                                                                Atomic Mass: 15.999
Symbol: H                                                                                 Symbol: O
Protons: 1     Neutrons: 1                                                       Protons: 8  Neutrons:8
Valence Electrons: 1                                                              Valence Electrons:6
Electrons:1                                                                              Electrons:8
Non-toxic, colorless, odorless                                             Highly reactive, colorless… 56 more words



How can we track all of the sounds of language, exactly how we hear them? Why aren’t our regular writing systems up to the challenge?

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Quick WoW round-up

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Boron is the fifth element in the periodic table.  It is a very tough element since the only thing harder than it is carbon in its diamond form.   26 more words

Periodic Table