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Videos for Each Element of the Periodic Table

Although some may think there’s a dichotomy between Religion and Science, I think this belief is short-sighted and ignorant.

Even if I can’t use the material in my Religion Class, I’m interested in engaging ed tech resources my Science colleagues might be able to use. 40 more words

For Educators


I understand that I usually post something on a roughly once-a-week basis, usually around Thursday. Last week I was busy being ill, so no post. (Coincidentally, I tried to kick-start a nuclear fusion reactor using my forehead heat. 74 more words


Matt's Class

Attending Matt’s class was like taking a journey back into high school chemistry. There were several differences however. Matt did a much better job teaching about atoms and the periodic table than my teacher ever did and he had fun doing it. 170 more words

Classroom Visits

Primo Levi - what makes a great autobiography

I admit first up, autobiography is not my favourite genre to read. There has always seemed to be something self indulgent about 90% of them that tends to inflate the importance of events or merely serves voyeuristic purposes to the readers. 269 more words


Periodic Table Of Elements

Ah, the periodic table. Loathed by all students having to learn it during chemistry lessons at school, but loved by many more people for the amount of informationĀ it can provide. 81 more words


Building the Periodic Table

Today, you attemptedĀ to recreate Dmitri Mendeleev’s infamous Periodic Table of Elements. According to legend (which may or may not be true), Mendeleev wrote information about each element on a card. 306 more words

The Lattes and Llamas Join

I’m not going to say that the GAL squares aren’t fabulous by themselves. They are. But let’s face it, how many massively oversized coasters does one girl need? 1,483 more words