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SEAN: Good afternoon to our dearest televiewers! You are watching the award-winning game show, “ Who wants to be a Chemist Millionaire?!”….For today’s episode, we have 3 intelligent chemist players namely: Dyne of Harvard University, Desiree of University of the Philippines and Anne of Caraga Regional Science High School! 702 more words

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Interactive Periodic Table Game

Interactive Periodic Table game is an excellent way to test your knowledge of the Periodic Table.

What’s especially useful is the feature that you can select your own difficulty level. 7 more words

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Interactive Periodic Table

Interactive Periodic Table is an excellent way to explore and learn the Periodic Table. There is also some information on chemical bonds and a cool mystery elements challenge game. 9 more words

Science Simulations

You Must Be Made of Copper and Tellurium Because You Are 'CuTe'!

I’ve always got my ion ways to make our home decor more personal. When we got two chairs for the sitting room, I was positive… 51 more words

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Wonderful Words Of Science III

This is the sequel post to Wonderful Words of Science I and Wonderful Words of Science II, in which I cover some of my favorite derivations of words from science.  3,419 more words


What's wrong with the periodic table... not every artwork is perfect!

“Weights gone awry, elements changing position, the ructions of relativity – chemistry’s iconic chart is far from stable, and no one knows where it will end”.

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