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HEALTH UPDATE: Skin Problems + My Trip To The Dermatologist!

Hey l <3 v’s!! The topic today is my SKIN…… I’ve always had sensitive skin since i was a child, I Broke out into hives from every little thing including food allergies which was severe because i couldn’t eat peanut butter,jelly,anything with soy in it, or even drink milk and that was on top of being allergic to grass and trees etc. 808 more words

December 22, 2014: cut a glass bottle with mother fucking fire

I like Pinterest a lot. Sometimes just pinning things makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something meaningful. Pinterest can be a minefield of shit though, really who needs to learn how to paint landscape scenes on their fingernails? 405 more words

My Body is Failing Me

Since I made my last post, my situation has gotten worse, and I feel like my body isn’t working properly.

My skin keeps getting slightly better for a day or so, and then worse. 557 more words

Perioral Dermatitis