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Early this morning, about 1 or 2am I was sitting outside on my courtyard watching TV on my laptop…stood up had no feeling in my left foot/leg (peripheral neuropathy) … went to take a step and did a face plant on the concrete. 408 more words

Random Thoughts

Past Memories: College Days


Hubby and I enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Madison as freshmen in the Fall Semester of 1969.

I was 27-years-old, Hubby was 28, and we had three children 9, 8 and 2. 619 more words

Gratitude Sunday - October 19, 2014

Grateful for Photos:  College Memories

Several week ago, my friend, The Librarian, sent photos of several of my most remembered buildings and places at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I spent my days, 1969-73, as student. 532 more words

Why I Choose to Live Beyond 75

One day last week, I had to stop, listen and process an interview on one of the cable news stations.

I was shocked!!  Why, was… 725 more words

Wordless Wednesday - October 8, 2014

Spring – Rural Wisconsin

Photos:  Thank You for Sharing, Grandma Cupcake

Scrambling away pain for cancer patients | Video | Reuters.com

Scrambling away pain for cancer patients | Video | Reuters.com

For many cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatments, peripheral neuropathy can be a devastating side effect. 215 more words