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Oracle's OCI accepts 'ampersand' as legal indicators for bind variable placeholders - undocumented?

I came across a piece of Perl DBI code recently. It surprised me that it actually worked.

$dbh->{TraceLevel} = '5|DBD|SQL';

my $sql =<<'EOS';
select :v1, :v2
from dual
where &v2 = 2

my $sth = $dbh->prepare($sql);

$sth->bind_param(':v1', 10);
$sth->bind_param(':v2', 2);


my $rows = $sth->fetchall_arrayref();
print Dumper($rows);

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how to access the single element to compare them for equality in 2-D array

print “@$first\n”;
if (@$first eq @$element)

here, $first and $element are one-dimensional array in a two-dimensional array. So @$first is the 12th item in the one-dimensional array which reference is $first. 7 more words


How to print any row of 2D array


Here, @big1 is an 2D array so $first is just a reference as $big1[0].
Therefore, just dereference it.


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  1. RecountĀ an aha moment you’ve had as a student of writing. Try to describe not only what you learned but the experience of learning it.
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Try rakudobrew and play with concurrency

rakudobrew is similar to perlbrew, but it’s for Rakudo (a.k.a., Perl 6), the Perl-inspired language that we’ve all come to have a love/hate relationship with. 37 more words


Functions of esProc/R/Python/Perl in Structured Data Process by Comparison :Chapter 20. Comparing Sorting Performance

For each script, use built-in library function to sort data, and develop a bubble sort algorithm. Then their performances are presented by comparison.


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