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Solaris 10: how to build and install mod_perl module for Apache

mod_perl is a Perl interpreter module for the Apache HTTP server that gives you the ability to directly use all of the Apache API from Perl, as well as the added benefit of speeding up the production of dynamic content from your CGI scripts. 904 more words


Perl script to create a geometric graph from a set of 2D points

Here is another quick script by me. It is a Perl script which can be used to construct a geometric graph from a set of points… 1,412 more words

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Solaris 10: how to build and install Perl

Perl is an interpreted and dynamic programming language, which is very popular for CGI scripting. Installing Perl in Solaris can be very simple, especially using an already built package from… 717 more words


A summary of useful perl tricks

Check whether a module is available locally: perldoc -l module::name.

Check whether a module of certain version is available locally (only in your Export path): 89 more words


Ways to add path to Perl lib

Don’t have root access? That’s fine. There are ways to add lib path to Perl so you can use your own libraries as much as you want. 100 more words


Solaris 10: how to build and install Perl modules distributed by CPAN

CPAN (that stands for “Comprehensive Perl Archive Network”) is a huge archive of Perl libraries that can extend your Perl standard distribution functions and save a lot of programming time. 904 more words


Belkin N150 Wireless Exploit Password Disclosure

Currently testing a vulnerability in Belkin N150 Wireless routers…

The router’s web interface will reveal the administrator’s password in MD5 hash on some versions and allow one to completely by-pass authentication. 121 more words