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Perl problem - Calculating mortgage payment/duration to pay off mortgage

Next in my series of perl problem solving is a program that can calculate the mortgage payments over a fixed duration and interest rate, or which can calculate the time required to pay off a mortgage, given a monthly payment. 348 more words

Synology NAS Web Server

This post has been a draft for a long time, it’s time to publish it!  It explains how to setup a Synology DiskStation NAS running DSM (Disk Station Manager) to serve web pages (including… 546 more words

HTTP Server

Perl Problem - Change return program

Next up on today’s problem in Perl is a program to calculate the change to be returned to a user given the user inputs the purchase amount and paid amount. 214 more words

Creating Table of Contents for static web pages using sed, make, and perl

Earlier, I showed you how I created a multi-page navigation section for static web pages.

But this system has some flaws. I needed better navigation within the web page. 1,129 more words


Technical Engineer Opening.

Role       : Technical Engineer 
Location: Beaverton, OR

Note: Interested candidate’s can send me their updated resume at kdinesh@prokarma.com or you can also reach me at… 100 more words

Perl problem - Find the next prime number

Next on Karan’s programming list is a program to find prime numbers in succession until the user chooses to stop asking for the next one. Since I already wrote a program to find if the current number is a prime or not, I decided to modify it slightly to achieve the current goal. 337 more words

Incompatibility between Moose and Error packages

With migration of an old system to a new hardware and OS, it’s always possible to find incompatibilities between components. In the last one that I have been involved, the problem was with the Perl CPAN packages `Moose` and `Error`. 135 more words