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7 Ways That Going to College Far From Home Changed My Life

Going away to college in a far away place can be a scary thing. You’re out of your comfort zone, you don’t know anyone and you don’t have your family or old friends as safety nets. 767 more words


An African Woman: The African Perspective I know

And this is what I know is the general African Perspective of an African Woman:

Oh that African Woman, mother of the continent;

She is that woman who behing the ‘scenes’ is the head of her household, but who in public should only be seen and not heard; 659 more words

Marie's Garden

13 Brunch Spots for Broke Single Ladies

If there’s one thing we New Yorker’s know about in this city, it’s that brunch is taken very, very seriously. But taken even more seriously than the food is the cocktails that come along with brunch. 1,431 more words


The Love Monster

Another wonderful piece from one of my favorite young writers, Roxana. Check out her first Cigars and Jewelry piece here. And enjoy what she’s brought today. 646 more words


Reading Saved My Life

Reading has always been a love of mine. Ever since I was little I’ve always been hungry for literature. I always read things way outside of my age group, I have my father to thank for that. 548 more words


I Was The Other Woman

My brother is living in the city with me this summer. It’s impossible to express what a wonderful comfort it’s been to have him here. Though he’s at his internship until very late at night during the week, making it difficult to see him, we’ve taken to spending most of the weekend together. 1,705 more words


Searching For Understanding: Why You Should Never Read Sex Tips

There has been a question burning on my mind for an absurdly long time. Honestly, it’s something that’s really starting to upset me.

What is with the sex tips that are given to men? 593 more words