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Sharpie vs backpack

This weekend’s great sale find was a Dora the Explorer backpack on wheels. The reason I was such a great find is because I found it in a free box. 163 more words

Confidence is Key

A show about stained glass made my dovetails better. Yes, it’s true. I’ve told the story many times, but I don’t recall if I’ve written it in this blog. 677 more words

Tall Clock


Bir kalem markası. Bir harika ilan.

A permanent marker brand. A brilliant ad. Well-done Sharpie.


Perspectives with a 3 y/o

The ‘Joys’ of parenting and the gifts of Perspective….This week:

1. I learned that Cigarette ashes remover PERMANENT marker from a flat screen. And Rubbing Alcohol removes PERMANENT marker from everything else. 116 more words


Review - Sharpie Twin Tip Fine/Ultra Fine

I like permanent markers, and Sharpies are some of the best. But there are many situations where the tip of a fine Sharpie is simply much to broad. 430 more words


diy word art

I’ve wanted to make one of these for quite some time, but couldn’t think of a quote I wouldn’t mind reading everyday. This is perfect.  79 more words