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Review - Pentel Handy-Line S Permanent Marker

I personally don’t have much use for permanent markers, but quite a few people do, especially for the “fine” tipped ones like Sharpies. But regular permanent markers are kinda boring. 375 more words


Redepiction of Pol Ledent's "Magic Trees"

A┬áredepiction of Pol Ledent’s “Magic Trees”: used dry pastels and added permanent marker poetry and glued on crumpled pieces of paper for a 3d effect.


Graffiti name shapes

Students learn about graffiti artist, JR. We talk about how imagery can affect a person based on its context and personal relation to the person viewing it. 27 more words


Anti-bully inspiration 4th grade project

Fourth graders learn about the concept of brainstorming, picking a random object we write down words that relate to it until we have a list of ‘juicy’ words! 42 more words

4th Grade

Piet Mondrian paintings

Using a ruler and black crayon, students draw geometric squares and rectangles on their paper. Based on artist Piet Mondrian, students learn about primary color, shape, and line. 22 more words

1st Grade