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Businesses to benefit from the Immigration Executive Order

Many of the issues related to the President’s Executive Order are designed to benefit US businesses. Especially, as it relates to professional or highly skilled workers.  45 more words

Mil Coisas - Diferentes entre Brasil e Canadá: # 31 : Extintor de incêndio no carro

Extintor de incêndio no carro: Precisa?

Se você tem carro e mora no Brasil, a esta hora você está preocupado com mais uma despesa pela frente… Num início de ano com o país meio que entrando em recessão, com o IPTU para pagar, o IPVA também, a matrícula da escola das crianças, o uniforme, o material escolar e….. 333 more words


New expedited work permit applications for spousal sponsorship applicants

Spotted a bit of positive news on the website of an immigration law firm.


“The Government of Canada has announced that, effective immediately, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will expedite the issuing open work permits to applicants for permanent residence in the… 117 more words

Lost Your Green Card Abroad and Need to Re-Enter the United States?

Our immigration attorneys in Los Angeles frequent various liaison meetings between the Department of Homeland Security and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). The following questions and answers are excerpts from a meeting with U.S. 285 more words


Employee Identity – Best Practices

What would you do in this situation? You’re hiring an employee, where a valid driver’s licence is required. The company pays by direct deposit, so the applicant has provided a void cheque. 851 more words

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