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Permian Extinction

After more than 100 million years of relative stability during the Carboniferous and the Permian eras, this last period ended 251 million years ago with the largest extinction event in the Earth’s history. 1,014 more words

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The Domestic Reason Why Apache Is A Buy #Permian #Eagleford

Over the past few years, Apache Corporation NYSE:APA has shed slower growth international assets and directed that cash back towards domestic operations. This will allow Apache to focus on high growth areas with less geopolitical risk, while still holding onto a few international free cash flow cows with exploration upside.After selling off some of its international assets, Apache directed that cash towards its most promising asset, the Permian Basin. 38 more words

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Company buys Nabors fracking unit #Eagleford #Permian

A Houston-based oilfield services company is absorbing the completion and production arm of Nabors Industries in a $2.86 billion cash and stock deal expected to create another giant hydraulic fracturing provider at a time when demand soars for such services in places like the Permian Basin.The Houston-based company, C&J Energy Services, already operates in the Permian Basin and internationally, but with far fewer facilities than Nabors, according to a map provided to investors that did not offer specific figures.Today, major service companies include Schlumberger Limited, Weatherford International and Halliburton, among more locally focused companies such as ProPetro Services and CUDD Energy Services. 95 more words

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Operator outputs from US oil and natural gas resource plays continues to leapfrog

Perhaps the most striking thing upstream companies revealed in their recent round of second quarter calls was the astounding production increases from US unconventional plays brought about by an array of tweaks to well drilling and completion techniques.One tactic they’re using to eke more hydrocarbons from the ground is optimized well spacing — configuring wells as close as possible to best drain the reservoir without interference. 104 more words

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