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The Dramatic and Fundamental Change in Marketing and What You Need to Do

I am not a digital native. I remember when there was no Internet. I remember when brands used to put out advertisements and assertions that were not necessarily believed but difficult to refute or validate. 614 more words

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How U2's free album fumble could've been done better.

Free samples are nice aren’t they? Enticing little treats that lighten up your otherwise bog-standard day (or bad day, depends really) and warm you up to make a purchase – it’s all good. 488 more words

Oh, those algorithms (Part I)

Facebook’s constant tinkering with its algorithms has taken us back in time, not to Internet 1.0 but to intrusion marketing.

TV ads exemplify intrusion marketing since they intrude on your television show. 508 more words

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7 Proven Ways To Build Your List & Get More Sales

The most important business building activity you will perform as an infopreneur is building your own mailing list. It can have prospects, subscribers or customers (or all of these categories) – and the bigger your list, the more profitable your business will be.

Building a

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