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To ask for permission, or forgiveness?

“I have learned, as a rule of thumb, never to ask whether you can do something.  Say, instead, that you are doing it.  Then fasten your seat belt.  270 more words

Being Positive All Day

No One Can Ruin Your Day Without Your Permission.

- Unknown


Inspiration Series: Feeling inferior

There are so many aspects of life that tonight’s quote touches on.  This could be family, friends, work, or even people you don’t know.  The point is this, don’t let anybody make you feel less than you are, which is amazing.   173 more words

Weight Loss

The Question of Spam

To spam or not to spam?

Spam is a community vote. This vote affects how the person in questions stuff, will be seen in the future. 335 more words

Social Media


Photography gives me permission. Permission to sit on the dirt path in the middle of a cemetery and stare through a black box, held up to my face. 644 more words


Planning a New Build? Things you Should Know

Most of us aspire to build a house of our own. We save money for years followed by an extensive research to find an ideal place. 316 more words




The back story behind surviving the growing pains.

When I first started to exercise, within approximately thirty-six hours after the first few sessions my body would be in tremendous pain. 851 more words

Life Lessons