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It's a matter of perspective -

The now not so uncommon adage that “anything can and will be made political” rings loud and clear – again in public education. The controversy over Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a prime example. 654 more words

How Rights of Publicity Affect Fashion Companies

Last week, I gave an overview presentation on legal issues of online marketing to the members of the San Francisco Fashion & Merchant Alliance. The presentation covered a variety of topics, but the one that seemed to inspire the most questions was “rights of publicity.” I’m hoping this blog will help clarify this topic. 747 more words

Seth Godin on Why You Need A Home Business

http://SocialClimb.Biz Why The Next Revolution is The Home Business Revolution Seth Godin explains why you need to start a home business. Home Business Home … 30 more words

Sweden Refuses Israeli President’s Plane Entry Into its Airspace

Thanks, Patrick!

Although this happened two months ago, I think the players have pretty much laid their cards out on the table. There’s nowhere to go from here, and the cabal has to fold—flat broke. 191 more words

Current Updates

Permission to Suck

There. I just gave it to you.

You have permission to suck.

It’s allowed, so start doing it.

When I ask people why they don’t try some sort of art after they’ve expressed interest in it, usually the response is, “Because I’m no good,” or, “Because I suck at it.” I am here to tell you that those are the worst reasons not to do something. 678 more words


Up for Discussion - Street Photography

Street photography is a very popular style of photography and there are people all over the world taking to the streets to see what they can capture.   1,501 more words