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My Abuser?

I usually call the people who have abused me as, well, “the people who have abused me,” or “that perpetrator” or “the rapist” or “my father” or their actual names… I have never referred to my abusive father as “your abuser.” Today, my therapist talked about him as “my abuser.” It didn t bother me in the moment so much, but later, it did. 44 more words

When the abuser is a family member: CSA ( Part 1)

If you have been through sexual abuse in your childhood, and are on a healing path , the decision to boycott your abuser, ban him/her from your life is often the toughest one to take, especially if the abuser is a parent or a close family member who you might still be in touch with. 288 more words


Missing My Perpetrator

Thanksgiving was hard, and today is not much better. What was I thinking when I ended my relationship with my Dad sixteen months ago?! I want my paternal side of my family back! 64 more words

Reader: I once was a victim of rape. I'm no longer a victim

Note from Amy: The following message is testament that the book Diary of a Predator: A Memoir has a profound effect on survivors:

Hi Amy, 175 more words


Women can rape and harm a man too.

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In continuation with my read of Pinki Virani’s Bitter Chocolate, my eyes opened to a world where a woman also could be a perpetrator. 466 more words


Jeans playing parent

I had dreaded this session. And yet I was as cynical as always. But whether my cynicism was in fact a cover for my fear I don’t know. 683 more words