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Victims and Perpetrators

Who can be a victim of abuse?
Who can be a perpetrator of abuse?

Men, women, children . . . abuse does not discriminate. 108 more words


Snippets from "Reviving Willow"

Because the campaign for Domestic Violence Awareness hits home for me personally, I want to share some of my personal story with you all.  As many of you know by now, I have been (painfully stumbling through) writing my autobiography.  252 more words


The Function and Morality of Forgiveness

Back in the aether, I wrote two posts about forgiveness (first and second). That particular post gained a lot of attention from Paul Quixote… 821 more words

I Out Lived Fear

It is probably a safe assumption to make…. that those of us who have been molested do not keep pictures or mementos around of those who have molested us.   1,058 more words

Life Chatter

Domestic Violence - I was just like Janay.

So I’ve been watching and reading a lot of information and opinions about Ray Rice and Janay. How she’s protecting him, the heinous footage and the sorrow, anger and judgement of many about her position. 826 more words


Why do victims stay?

Why do victims stay in a violent relationship?

Why do you care?

Why aren’t you asking why the abuser thought they had the right, responsibility, ability, need, desire … to hurt the person they say they love? 31 more words