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Jeans playing parent

I had dreaded this session. And yet I was as cynical as always. But whether my cynicism was in fact a cover for my fear I don’t know. 683 more words

DrinkAware? Some victim awareness too please!


In wider society, there is nothing inherently wrong with promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol. In a worst-case scenario alcohol becomes an addiction requiring medical treatment. 830 more words

I'm in Trouble -- The Perpetrator Is in My Head

I’m in trouble.  Didn’t want to admit it.  Worked hard to not get to this.

Worked hard, as though I were on a denial diet.  Diets don’t work.   746 more words

Victims and Perpetrators

Who can be a victim of abuse?


Who can be a perpetrator of abuse?


Men, women, children . . . abuse does not discriminate.

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Snippets from "Reviving Willow"

Because the campaign for Domestic Violence Awareness hits home for me personally, I want to share some of my personal story with you all.  As many of you know by now, I have been (painfully stumbling through) writing my autobiography.  252 more words