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Aging Dove

Her call is growing weak
and her wings are turning gray
Where will she go
this aging dove of peace?

Young eagles and crows laugh… 88 more words


The Neocon Plan for War and More War

by Robert Parry, OpEdNews

Buoyed by the Republican electoral victories, America’s neocons hope to collect their share of the winnings by pushing President Barack Obama into escalating conflicts around the world, 119 more words


On the Tail Wagging the Dog

There are some that have the tail wagging dog quite a bit in their historical scenarios. Which does undoubtedly occur, of course, upon occasion and from time to time. 120 more words

Us News

Flag Head

A.K.A: Don’t Let Your Patriotism Blind You

© Timothy S. March

Notation: This is part of a collabaration that me and a friend did awhile back…Called “Project Zero”.

War Pigs

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

© Timothy S.

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United States Engaged in Perpetual War

The idea that the U.S. is engaged in perpetual war was, I believe, first phrased by historian Charles Beard to describe the foreign policies of the Deleno and S administrations, next by Gore Vidal who, in… 109 more words

Perpetual War