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"Goddess and Maiden and Queen"

Those who know me probably have some knowledge of my preoccupation with the story of Persephone (which began rather a long time before it became the topic of my MA dissertation), and so it will come as no surprise that it is with great pleasure that I am revisiting the myth in my current research, this time with the focus on the fatal fruit itself – the pomegranate. 486 more words

Keepin' on.

Life is busy right now, hence the lack of updates on the blog. Knitting orders are keeping up, too- which is wonderful and also overwhelming-  I always forget about that during the summer then August hits and BLAMMO! 319 more words


A Memorial Service

Usually, I shy away from writing new exoteric religious rituals unless I personally need one. I am highly aware of the fact that there are, and have continuously been, Hellenic Polytheists in Greece, and that they already have rituals for these things. 2,064 more words


This is a piece of erotic mythological writing from me in the early 1990s, written for storytelling. The plot is based primarily on Robert Graves’ presentation of this story in his… 8 more words



Kore Protogone. The first born girl.

My idea was to focus on the night at the beginning of the world. An Orphic egg of golden-flashing labradorite in the darkness. 12 more words


Death and the Maiden

Merry meet all,

It’s getting closer to my fave time of year. Lughnasadh marks a turning point for me. It is the first of the three fall harvest Sabbats, the next two being of course, Mabon and Samhain. 1,272 more words

Paranormal And Pagan Fiction

(Poem) Embedded in the Turquoise Bands by Gloria Manthos

Coral snake slithers

Circling corazón sangrante;

Squeezes – to cauterize the wound. 214 more words