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Prayer to Persephone

Credit: http://www.polyvore.com/mythology/zabani

Help me live true in sight-full eyes not a blunted mind.
Force my face in cold hands to peer at towering truth.
Bring blackness and death to my skin soliciting sense. 217 more words


The Death of Sisyphus

The second of my retellings of myths involving Hades.

Sisyphus was the son of Aeolus, one of the sons of Hellen.  When he was young, he set out to forge a new home for himself, and founded the city he called Ephyra, though later generations would come to call it Corinth.   1,899 more words

Greek Mythology

Rise to the Occassion

An excerpt by Graham Windus

He couldn’t believe it was finished. They had built so many weapons, so many bombs. Now, though, something beautiful had come at last from Lab 14. 1,524 more words


First Excerpt

In my wip novel, They Were Wearing Horns, the narrative switches between current day Columbia, South Carolina and Ancient (Mythical) Greece. This is the first chapter that is set in the Ancient Greece narrative, which follows mythical figures Medusa* and Persephone** in their rise to becoming monsters. 1,859 more words

3 Hopes, Deep Love and a Trip to the Underworld

There are tiny new buds on the bushes in my yard and I know that spring is in the works. It might be 2 weeks or 8 weeks, but it’s coming! 883 more words

Coleen Renee

Hades and Persephone

The first installation in my narration of the few myths that strongly involve Hades.  I’m not sure why I ended up writing it in a children’s storybook style…particularly considering the whole incest thing.   2,812 more words

Greek Mythology

The Truth about Zeus and Hades

Today, I thought I would let loose a bit about one of the things that most irritates me about the way Greek myths and gods are treated in the modern age, especially by Hollywood.   1,958 more words

Greek Mythology