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Hyper Grace: Some Thoughts on the Book and An Article

I just finished reading the book Hyper Grace: Exposing the Dangers of the Modern Grace Message written by Dr. Michael Brown. This post is not meant as a book review but merely to say a few points about the books and some other related items. 368 more words


Romans 8

1. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

(What is it there for?) In chapter 7 we discussed why we are now able to live apart from the law and no longer be bound to it. 2,703 more words



    In our last blog post we began our review of the book Chosen or Not? by Doug Sayers, and we noted that the author tries to use human logic (“evident reason,” as he calls it) to defeat the force of biblical passages that describe what God does in salvation. 1,701 more words


LBC1689- The Perseverance of Believers

Chapter 17

17.1 The elect are those whom God has accepted in the Beloved, effectually called and sanctified by his Spirit, and given the precious faith of his elect. 446 more words

The Exchange

The Perseverance and Preservation of the Saints — Michael Horton

Michael Horton explains that when teaching the biblical doctrine of eternal security for the Christian, The Perseverance (or Preservation) of the Saints is a more accurate term than “once saved, always saved”: 790 more words

Michael Horton

The Inconsistent Synergism of 'Eternal Security' - Michael Horton

Today, many within the American Church speak of ‘Eternal Security’.  Charles Stanley is one key example that teaches this doctrine.  In this system, Charles Stanley actually is Arminian in the other four points of Calvinism and because a person “makes a decision for Jesus”, well Jesus is just kind of stuck with them, regardless of the lack of fruit or evidence of true faith in Christ.  904 more words


The Golden Chain of Romans 8, Part 3

We come to the third part of our study of these great doctrines found in Romans 8. We can also continue our thoughts as to how they clearly teach concerning the extent of the atonement. 1,626 more words

Limited Atonement