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Bishop J. C. Ryle:

In the next place, I would cheer those readers who have walked in the way of God, and yet are afraid of falling.

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Read it Closer #3

“But he who is saved shall endure to the end”. Matthew 24:13

Is that what the Bible says?  This is an interpretation of many Christians who believe that if you are truly a Christian, you will inevitably endure to the end of your life without falling away.  2,594 more words


By the grace of God, I am what I am!

While we rejoice in God’s mercy which has saved us, in the blood of Christ which cleanseth us, and in the faith with which He has blessed us, let us always remember that we cannot stand a moment longer than God upholds us.

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Counsel to Backsliding Christians

I’ve recently been spending a bit of time over the past week preparing a short section on the ‘Benefits of Union with Christ’ for our church’s second leadership training day (leaders ranging from Community Group leaders to Kids Sunday School teachers). 379 more words


The Warning Passages and Perseverance of the Saints

I have been in dialogue with a friend on the topic of perseverance of the saints. It was what prompted this post HERE. My basic thesis is that all true believers are kept by God’s power, and continue in faith until the end. 1,067 more words


Peculiar perseverance

Romans 11:22-23 presents an interesting difficulty for the Reformed Protestant doctrine of perseverance, according to which it is impossible for the Elect to lose their salvation. 547 more words