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Not Fallen

I am unbreakable and unbroken.

I fail by your standards but succeed by mine.

I stand…perhaps alone…

But am standing…all the same.

Creative Writing

man on fire

bummer day- went to bed lonely and woke up lonely- things got so bad last night that i watched another episode of orange is the new black- this bummer cloud followed me all day so i decided to go up to the library just to be around people and work on my paper- but everybody at the library was a dude and they were making loud breathing noises and shuffling their stuff around too much for me to concentrate- so then to dinner/lunch with friends- but they are lonely too- we are a lonely island bragging about our on-line dating prospects- speaking of those some girl smiled at me and we started talking but i think my last e-mail freaked her out- she might have took it the wrong way as if i was saying we should spend the rest of our lives together- but whatever- i’m not going to hold back anymore- if she can’t handle me than that’s her problem- i am going to let people feel the weight of who i am and let them deal with it- no pulling punches… 442 more words

On Being an Inspiration to Others...

I know that I am very honest in my posts–perhaps too honest sometimes. I swore to always speak my truth so that I can live authentically, not just in fake ways to gain favor by impressing people. 136 more words


Q is for quitting.

A to Z entries: My post for each letter of the alphabet will be anecdotes or musings based on an element from the previous letter’s post.

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A To Z Musing

Media Milestone!

How exciting! I’ve been interviewed about my writing for newspapers, magazines, and once on the radio, but my first (cable) television interview airs this weekend on C-SPAN2. 173 more words

Life Connection

My last day

Yesterday was my last day at work as a Graduate Research Associate at the lab at OSU. It was my last day at OSU as a student. 982 more words

Random Thoughts

Life is not a sprint, it is definitely a marathon that contains mazes, pitfalls and mountains.

Nevertheless, the most successful journey, battle and ultimate victory belong to those who keep moving forward. 312 more words