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I enjoyed exchanging words with the people I met at this sidewalk intersection.

This word was pulled from a favorite book, Poemcrazy  by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge

One Hundred Days of Blogging - Day Twenty

Today marks my conscious uncoupling with Monday, because Monday is a big bag of shit. Seriously. These past few Mondays have been riddled with all sorts of bad nonsense, and I’ll have no more of it. 544 more words


Don't Give Up (I almost did)

As we all know, life is hard.  We go through times that can be nothing but good and others that are nothing but evil. It’s true that life is a rollercoaster; we go up and down, physically as well as emotionally and mentally. 299 more words


Sometimes I want to Quit at Life

…or at least at the onerous bits of it.

What if I never had to find time to wash my dishes or keep our place in a semblance of order. 420 more words

A Case of the Mondays


I think I’ve been doing more ranting than thinking here recently, but that is what happens with finals looming imminently on the horizon. Today, as some of you may have noticed, is Monday. 591 more words

Grad School

When to Turn Back (Hint: Before You Plummet Over a Cliff)

“What does that sign say?”

I could hear the tension in my mother’s voice as she peered through the windshield of our tiny car at the large road sign, written in Spanish and framed by a fringe of icicles that glittered in the sun. 945 more words