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Iranian Life on Persian Carpet

Iranians enjoy a global reputation in carpet weaving. This set of pictures shows Iranian life of Persian Carpet, one of the most famous characteristics of Iran. 264 more words

Iranian Photographers

Kerman Persian Carpets

Carpet weaving, an old tradition in Kerman, is one of the main industries of the city. The carpets produced in the city are renowned internationally. The oldest carpet discovered in Kerman dates back 500 years, demonstrating the durabillity and quality of the carpets woven there. 87 more words


Kashan Persian Carpets

Between Isfahan and Tehran, near the Dast-e-Kavir desert is the city of Kashan. The city is known for its handmade carpets, textiles and ceramics. The city where many commercial transactions take place is important as it is a resting place along the Silk Road. 92 more words


Tabriz Persian Carpets

The city of Tabriz is the capital of Azerbaijan province in Southwestern Iran. Until the end of the caravans era it was the most important centre for trade and carpet weaving. 99 more words


Joshaghan Persian Rugs

Joshaghan is a town located in central Iran, north of Isfahan city and very close to the town of Kashan. Characteristic designs of the Joshaghan carpets… 53 more words


Nanadj Persian Carpets

The Nanadj carpets are being woven in the northern part of the region Hamadan. The carpets Nanadj have a meticulous weaving and wool of very good quality. 26 more words