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Random Pix in Tehran | Warm Greetings from Iran!

Hi everyone! I just returned from visiting the fabled and beautiful city of Isfahan and in a day or so I’m off traveling to a few other cities in Iran. 520 more words

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Persian Passover Feast

This festive, colorful Persian dish is a worthy candidate for your seder table. You prepare most of the elements in advance, but assemble and cook them on the eve of the holiday. 99 more words


A selfish tour of Tehran | Greetings from Iran!

Hi all!

I’ve now been traipsing in and around Tehran for precisely a month. During this sojourn in the city of my birth and childhood, I have taken a ridiculous number of photos and videos. 366 more words

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Traditional Persian Sweets for Norooz - Part II | Greetings from Iran!

For part II of the traditional Persian Norooz sweets, I present you with a select but delightful array of goodies that were on display and offered to guests at the home of my friend Sara. 224 more words

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Roasted Sea bass with Potatoes


  • 2                   whole sea bass (gutted, gilled, scaled, fins removed)
  • 1/4 cup       olive oil
  • 6                   potatoes, peel and cut into quarters
  • 2                   tomatoes, chopped
  • 8 cloves      garlic, chopped…
  • 178 more words
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Traditional Persian Sweets for Norooz - Part I | Greetings from Iran!

I thought you may enjoy a delicious gallery of images of some traditional Persian New Year sweets (shirini) that my friend Afrooz had on hand at her home for Norooz- plated in various wares – and ready to sweeten the palate of visitors and guests. 241 more words

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Persian Food Gone Rogue

 We love our Fessenjoon (duh). Ghormeh Sabzi. Chelo kabob. Gheymeh. Kotlet… and this list really could go on forever.

Nothing beats Persian food. 234 more words