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Roasted Butternut Squash and Beetroot with Pistachio Pesto, Feta and Pomegranate Seeds from Persiana

It was love at first sight. The vibrant butternut squash (the beetroot is my own addition) with dollops of pistachio pesto infused with fresh dill, coriander and parsley, crumbled feta and bejewelled pomegranate seeds. 639 more words


Persian Perfection

Last weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing authentic Persian food. My Lobster and I were invited over to a friends for dinner. We knew their background however we had no idea what they would be cooking for dinner. 128 more words


Braised Vegetable Khorak • خوراکه سبزیجات

You all know the joy of receiving, when a friend brings home-grown harvest for you. I have such a friend! She brought
me  4 green figs,  4 ripe tomatoes,  4 yellow crookneck zucchinis, plus 3 patties pan squash (who did she give my… 542 more words



My favourite recipe book at the moment is Persiana written by the lovely Sabrina Ghayour. It is jam packed with delicious looking recipes and I am currently trying to work my way through them. 566 more words


Little Persia in Toronto

Today I was craving for something unique – that led me to Little Persia, a unique strip, located south of Steeles in North York. It was a very interesting walk. 85 more words


Fresh Herb Kuku • KuKu Sabzi • کوکوسبزی

Kükü  is a Persian/Iranian dish similar to  frittata.  By comparison with  frittata, kuku  recipes use a smaller proportion of eggs to bind larger amounts of other ingredients,  have spices instead of cheese and are cooked on a stove on low heat or baked in the oven.   855 more words


Fresh Herb Rice • Sabzi Polo • سبزی پلو

Sabzi Polo    is a Persian/Iranian fresh herbed rice,  traditionally served with white fish, especially at lunch on Naw-Ruz.  I had the intention of presenting  938 more words