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The exotic orient

Drawing inspiration from the delicious cuisines of Afghanistan and Iran, I found myself craving for subtle taste of spices and long grain rice. Persian food is not particularly cheap in Kuala Lumpur and I can quite understand it, from the uniqueness point of view and the tedious hours it takes to cook delicious meals. 521 more words


Sam's Persian Kitchen: Rome, Italy

If you live in Rome, discussions about where to find good ethnic food are common, while results for actual good ethnic restaurants are not. Sure, the Ethiopian is fine, but other than that you have a few mediocre Mexican restaurants and a spattering of hit or miss Indian places. 507 more words


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Persian Food

My cavalier cooking practices have been a cause for shame and concern for my Iranian mother. To me, eating is just something you do to stay alive; for her and her legion of friends and family that grew up in the Motherland, cooking is a rite of passage to womanhood, the foundation of family and all things good in the world. 1,450 more words

Quince Stew | Khoresh'e Beh . . . خورش به

After the quince preserve recipe I posted last week, I was further inspired to make one more quince dish before the season was over. This dish is so easy to put together, if you have the cooked meat and caramelized onion in the freezer. 561 more words


Quince Preserves • Morabba'ye Beh | مربای به

“Good friends are to have many of.” ~ Japanese proverb

One such good friend I found is Fariba of  Zozobaking.  Fariba, a beautiful person, both inside and out, who just got married, has been a passionate baker since childhood and also, by formal training.   788 more words


Sohan'e Qom • Shabe Yaldā‎ . . . سوهان قم و شب یلدا

Sohan’e Qom / Qom Saffron Cardamom Pistachio Brittle
Shabe Yaldā‎ / Yaldā Night    |      سوهان قم  و  شب یلدا


Shabe Yaldā, an Iranian festival, celebrated on the ‘longest and darkest night’ of the year, falls on the night of the Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice, which corresponds to the night of December 20 or 21, each year.  1,029 more words


Recipes From David

I love cooking food from different cultures – French, Italian, Mediterranean, Iranian, South East Asian, Chinese…and of course Indian, and Anglo-Indian. Let me share recipes I particularly like. 725 more words