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My Mum and Dad bought us a nice red Persian rug for a wedding present and I really love it so much.  I have a bit of a thing for Persian rugs.   403 more words


Optical: the Rug of Golran

“Imagine a rug that looks very vivid and colourful when you leave home, but the very same rug will appear more relaxing and calming when coming back from work.” … 138 more words


Choosing Rugs And Tapestries: The Entryway

Rugs and tapestries can be used to add ambience to a room, to warm up a stark-looking space, to make an uncomfortably large room appear smaller, or to add to the overall effect of the theme of a room. 349 more words

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Dirty Knickers

As a writer I reckon I should be setting up this mystique and persona around what I present to you, my audience. However I’ve never really been one to conform, I’m the kind of person who’ll tell you anything. 378 more words