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Turn #Obstacles into #Opportunities. Not easy, but possible

You must have a mind which always think options, options and more options. #Obstacles are questions and you have to reply to all those questions by finding SOLUTIONS, that are #opportunities. 223 more words


Thirty Days Of Happy Writing - Day One...

I’ve seen this ‘100 days of happy’ going around Facebook lately and had a light bulb moment to try and help myself encourage positivity and get writing back into my day to day life. 508 more words


More you try to #control, more it will fly. Loose it. You can have better control

Everybody tries to control their lives. We want to control happenings. We want to control #relationships. We want to control professional career. We want to control #future. 411 more words


"Keep doing what you do"~Consistency

Proverbs 6:6 (KJV)Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise

I will be consistent in doing what I know to do!  However, I will not just stop there… 43 more words

20 Something life hack : Get up and Go, Again!

Disappointments, detours and unexpected setbacks can drain you. So much that sometimes it becomes 10 times harder to regain strength and put yourself back on track. 259 more words

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Circumstances - is another word of Dependencies. Be independent

We all depend upon somebody or something to live life. Those dependencies are called circumstances.

When you were kid you were depend upon parents. A comfortable and secure and simple life. 242 more words