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Do NOT Give Up.

That is what I keep telling myself.  Do not give up the fight or give in to the darkness.  I have intentions.  I have desires.  I have wishes.  725 more words


TERROR TV - MONSTERS - the Waiting Game

the third and final season of the obscure horror anthology show Monsters was a mixed bag. there was quite a number of noteworthy almost too good for the show itself episodes along with unwatchably bad episodes. 182 more words

90s Horror

No doesn’t mean never, it just means not right now.


People who are lucky make their own luck


Unsuitable Trails

My road bike and I

Have reached an understanding.


With its curved handlebars,

Thin tires,

And delicate frame,

It is built for speed down

Smooth, paved roads, 194 more words


Do you wanna know?

Do you wanna know what I miss?
Our hands.
They fit so perfectly together.
Our walks.
They seemed to end too quickly.
Our love.
It was suppose to be never ending. 169 more words

A Great business start with #passion, NOT with an idea

[#happyIndependenceDay] #Passion is something which you do wholeheartedly and your body, your #mind, your brain all support to one purpose, the #idea.

Any unique idea comes into your mind is OUTPUT of brain based on information collected into your sub-consious mind. 479 more words