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Haters gonna hate

Deciding to live a happy and fit life starts with your decision to do so. You have decided that you want to live healthy and have started your happy journey. 358 more words

Marching Forward

I used to dream about being an ant.

I spent hours as a kid trying to follow a single ant through the yard, tracing its haphazard path with my eyes as I crawled along behind it. 195 more words

From Crafting to Contract

 A couple of weeks ago, I was blown away to receive my first publishing contract, for the first four books in my Fledgling Chronicles series ( 294 more words


The path to Success is not a Straight Line

Anyone who’s had any amount of success in a venture knows this singular truth… a successful outcome for any project never looks like you envisioned it in the beginning. 632 more words

33 Ways to be a better entrepreneur

The opportunities for growth as an entrepreneur are always endless. The burning desire to build a great company is an invaluable quality of great entrepreneurs. 467 more words


Treading Water

We were always threatened by geese when we went to the farm.

“Don’t go over there,” they’d say, “the geese will get you.”

Unlike other threats, this one was true. 209 more words

Things to Do

What really important thing am I forgetting to do?

I have that question written on the icebox. There are so many levels to the answers for it. 402 more words