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Person of Interest 04×08 ‘Point of Origin’: Angler found a match

Despite the cliffhanger of last week’s ‘Honor Among Thieves‘, Person of Interest is all about Reese as he follows the number of a cadet at the police academy. 63 more words


Person of Interest 04×07 ‘Honor Among Thieves’: Keeping things relevant

Just like last week’s ‘Pretenders,’ Person of Interest takes to the fake identity train again, but instead of a faux neo-noir detective it’s a gang of international jewel thieves. 100 more words


Person of Interest 04×06 ‘Pretenders’: “How do you do that with your voice?”

In a season already filled with fake identities Person of Interest somehow manages to take it to the next level. With multiple stories following multiple ‘detectives’ it feels like everyone is getting a bit too inquisitive. 38 more words


Person of Interest 04×05 ‘Prophets’: Admin is not admin

After two weeks of lighter-toned episodes Person of Interest takes the fight to Samaritan once again. With rigged elections and Team Machine always looking over their shoulder, Samaritan is always 20 steps ahead. 41 more words


Person of Interest S04E05 'Prophets' Review

I’m always pleased when Person of Interest can take a seemingly case of the week story before evolving it into something much more by the end of the hour. 780 more words


Person of Interest 04×04 ‘Brotherhood’: They call him Mini cuz he’s big

Person Of Interest avoids the Samaritan storyline for the second straight week to focus on the emerging secondary antagonist of season four. In past seasons Team Machine has had to deal with their fair share of villains. 95 more words


Person of Interest 04×03 ‘Wingman’: Haaaaave you met Lionel?

Person Of Interest backs off on the war with Samaritan in order to focus on a case of the week, with a lighter toned Fusco-centric story. 69 more words