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How seen was that valley

We spent the last few days in north-west Wales with both sets of in-laws. Despite being in a mobile-signal blackspot, and despite coping for four days with my parents, and despite the fact that neither Gwynedd nor Conwy are exactly metropolis-laden counties of the future, we loved it. 265 more words


katy perry

Katy Perry’s latest video “This is How We Do” dropped yesterday. Spoiler: She channels a whole lotta Mondrian. Well, guess, what girlfriend?! This isn’t original. 90 more words


People Who Send Stupid Text Messages

Before I get into it today, I want to apologize for not posting in 3 days.  I was on a trip with the students in Kuching, Malaysia, and had very “spotty” internet, to say the least! 916 more words


Depression is a disease. It’s not being lazy, and a person who suffers from depression can’t “just get over it.”



You know those friends who are practically family?  They know every part of you even the deep, dark stuff and they still love you, they still accept you?   609 more words


The Person in the Prostitution Laws

The purpose of this blog is to expose the loopholes in prostitution laws, federal gross income tax laws, and the term “person” in statutes. I expect some people to be angry at me about the fact I am exposing the loopholes in the prostitution laws. 2,091 more words