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Persona 4: The Animation Series Collection

The bear puns just HAD to go. The character-focused episodes were life.

I can’t say I liked Persona 4: The Animation from start to finish because I almost didn’t make it past the third episode. 425 more words


P4 Ep 44 - Naoto's Shadow

Instead of returning to the real world, I decided to take a chance and try to beat Naoto’s dungeon on the same day. I asked the fox to heal me for roughly 48,000 yen, then returned to level 6 of the Secret Laboratory to continue my path downwards into the basement of the lab. 563 more words


P4 Ep. 43 - Intruder Alert!

Returning home from Naoto’s Secret Laboratory to sleep, I woke up the following day to find it was Sunday. I first went to the shopping district to sell my goods at Daidara’s. 521 more words


P4 Ep. 42 - Naoto's Secret Laboratory

In order to find Naoto’s dungeon, I first had to find clues to help Rise locate him in the T.V. World. I went to the school practice building, where a girl mentioned that Naoto often fought with his fellow policemen during the course of the case. 375 more words


Persona 4 Ep. 41 - The Next Victim

Checking to see that it was Sunday, I made a dash to the Samegawa River to meet with Hisano, ignoring her earlier request to avoid her at all costs. 491 more words


Persona 4 Ep. 40 - A School Trip Down Memory Lane

As expected, school started off on an odd note, with Naoto Shirogane, my avatar’s junior, stating he (I still think he is a she) will be attending school from now on. 614 more words


Persona 4 Ep. 39 - What's This Homework Nonsense?

The Summer Festival started up, and it was once again amusing watching the group’s antics. The girls all dressed up in yukata, traditional Japanese clothing, and between Kanji’s embarrassment and Teddie’s “suave” manuevers, it was an hysterical scene. 493 more words