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Persona 4 Ep. 30 - Group Discussions

Despite my success at rescuing Rise from the clutches of the T.V. World, it seems that another murder has taken place in Inaba, this time the victim being King Moron, i.e. 503 more words


Persona 4 Ep. 29 - New Equipment, New Job, New...Friends?

Getting back home from hanging out with Yukiko, I studied before heading to bed. I decided to visit the stores the following day after feeding the cat at Samegawa the fish I caught the previous day, completing Quest 14. 389 more words


Persona 4 Ep. 28 - A Time to Socialize

This was a relatively short session, with most of the focus being on socializing with others. With Rise now rescued, I can focus on other things, so my priority is to raise those social ranks and maybe get some side quests done. 429 more words


It's Saturday!

Also, it’s a very long weekend for me because I have Monday and Tuesday off yay!
(Additionally, backlogging blogposts till then because I am a lazyfag. 495 more words


Persona 4 Ep. 27 - Bosses Beware!!

Like most of these sessions, I began by making a trip to the Velvet Room, where I made Gdon, then returning home and sleeping. Then it was time to try out Rise’s boss fight. 386 more words


Persona 4 Ep. 26 - Final Preparations for Rise

After the last training session, I decided to give my characters a break, so I returned home and spoke with Nanako. To my surprise, she asked me the not-so-light question, “Why do people die?” With enough Expression, I discussed the matters troubling her, answering each one with “I don’t know,” then telling her her dad is just trying to protect her at work. 221 more words


Persona 4 Ep. 25 - Leveling Up Like a Champ

This session started off with a rumor that the vending machines in front of Konishi’s Liquor Store gave away prizes (yep, a weird way to start off, but it is what it is). 309 more words