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|News| Atlus reveals what Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Content

Persona 4 Arena has been considered one of the best games of this generation. In there last years’ EVOs it’s taken quite a liking. Well with a new edition of the game coming out, we get to see the full content inside. 43 more words


Heyo, Friend-os

Alright, I’m back!

Even though I’m a day late! XD

Sorry for not posting last weekend- my grandparents were in a nasty car crash… and then my aunt too. 187 more words

My Final Thoughts on Persona 4: The Golden Animation

Right before I get into the subject, I’d just like to update on the situation I mentioned last time. I’m currently settling into University and while it’s difficult right now, I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of it within the next few weeks. 1,194 more words


Persona 4 Ep. 47 - Naoto Joins the Party

This session started on a rainy Saturday, so I did the Aiya Challenge, then spent the night making envelopes to raise Diligence. Sunday came around, and I went over to the Samegawa River. 549 more words


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax does everything that a good fighting-game sequel should (review)

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You can burn your dread, you can reach out to the truth, but — either way — you’re going to have to kick some butt. 1,012 more words


'Persona 4 Arena Ultimax': The Only Review You Need to Read



The Midnight Channel may have gotten cancelled once before by the Investigation Team and Shadow Operatives, but its been renewed for another season of tournament action. 810 more words



Alright guys, I’m as addicted to this game as I was previously addicted to Neverwinter. Except, this one will probably keep me going for longer because there’s a break in between mindlessly fighting mobs and raiding dungeons. 234 more words