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Persona 4 Ep. 24 - Training at Marukyu

First thing I did this session was go to the Velvet Room and clean out some Personas, as my inventory was full. I first created a Rakshasa before creating the Persona Power. 378 more words


CotD 8/20/2014

The level 2 Sakura referred by the Level 3 Sakura from yesterday, and all of the muscles for Little Busters!

Kind And Thoughtful, Raku
NK/W30-042 C CH… 407 more words

Weiß Schwarz

Let's kick off with an introduction!

Food addict. (Asian especially) KPOP enthusiast. Photography aficionado.

These 3 things combined compelled me to start this page.

As a fun-sized 18 year old living in California, I’m lucky to be able to get a taste of the diversity of foods that CA offers. 313 more words


To Accomplish

Let’s be clear. I have no idea what I am doing here, why I have crawled into this blog, what I hope to accomplish. IN fact, the very word, “accomplish,” drives me to twiddling my thumbs. 276 more words

CotD 8/19/2014

Another 3/9 event, this time in Persona Q, and a card in Nisekoi that allows reusing the pendant events!

Not Understanding What Happened, Chitoge
NK/W30-069 C CH… 460 more words

Weiß Schwarz

Blindsided by Bergman: WILD STRAWBERRIES and PERSONA

This month’s Blind Spot post covers two Bergman films for the price of one. This experience was a long time coming for me, and I hope you enjoy reading about it. 1,054 more words