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Ass + U + Me

I know, I know, I know it feels like every post I’ve written in the last six months has started off with an apology, but you know that thing they say about life mimicking art? 662 more words

Uncategorized (Gonna Sort It Out)

30DC Gamer List - Day 6

“Welcome to the Velvet Room”

The most annoying character, for me, would be Igor from the Persona series.  It was really hard for me to find a character that annoyed me, but he creeped me out then progressed to mild annoyance.   10 more words


I got indexed

I’ve had this blog since early March. Almost no one reads it but I’m OK with that.

I just got indexed by Google, wow that opened a can of worms. 259 more words


Make My Meal Persona #2

I decided to create another persona for my Make My Meal (working title) app that I have been creating for the iPad.

As opposed to my first persona, this one will be of an older woman with children. 204 more words

Mobile Interaction Design

Continuous changes, but always for the better

After scrapping the process of idea before target audience, we were faced with yet another obstacle.

The persona we had concocted was too general for us to really focus on identifying ways to better their life and that’s when we started making minor adjustments to Lucy’s life story. 551 more words

Cannot Uninstall View Agent - Persona Management Enabled

This morning I had an issue related to a full VM that required a uninstall/reinstall of the Horizon View Agent 5.2, we have been evaluating Persona Management and Folder Redirection on some View Pools. 321 more words

Horizon View

Persona In-Class Project

In class we had to create a persona, or a demographic to design for. My group created Susan Pearl, AKA Lazy Susan. She is an actuary school dropout who decided to become a chimney sweep.

INDD 232