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Breaking the Cycle

It has become clear to me over the past few days that I am the only thing that stands between myself and everything I have ever wanted. 1,300 more words


The Signature Style of an Artist

Everyone remembers Lady GaGa’s meat dress. Only she did that… 230 more words


Old Best Friends Part 2

Sometimes I think life has a really funny way of bringing people back together when you don’t expect it, and also at the perfect time. Getting ready to crash and thinking about how glad I am that Monica was literally trying to get in touch with me when I was wanting to get back in touch with her, and then thinking about our catch-up conversation last night just made me that much more thankful. 889 more words


Can we have an adult conversation about how getting more women into STEM is a good idea?

Betcha can’t guess what the picture is? Well not if you work for Apple anyway.

It’s a Persona Contraceptive Monitor. It’s popular among Roman Catholics, women for whom taking oral contraceptive is dangerous, and women who are wary about the pill/mini-pill’s potential to act as an abortifacient. 349 more words


Make the most of Linked In

“How to create your buyers persona by using Linked In?”

“How to prepare your buyers persona worksheet?”

The above quest can be solved by following techniques.. 87 more words


Persona Q gets European release date, trailer and 'Wild Cards' Premium Edition

Brand new info on the dungeon crawler, direct from the Velvet room.

Time to get working on your social links, as Atlus has announced a November 28th launch date for its highly anticipated 3DS dungeon crawler, … 656 more words

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