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If I Can Only Have One Thing

  1. Bob Marley - Is This Love

(This letter is for you, from the little hippo. Merry Christmas!)

If I can only have one thing, it would be someone who wakes me up with kisses and warm cuddles. 293 more words


Happy Birthday to Friend! <3

I just wanted to add this as an aside yesterday, but I forgot about it. Here it is, though, a day late: a huge, big, awesome, amazing happy birthday to you for everything you’ve put up with from me and how you’ve helped me learn. 288 more words


Confession 12/22/14

I’m dangerous, and I’m not sure if I like being that way or not.


It's been over a year!!


It has been over a year since I have posted, and it has certainly been a busy one at that! Since I last posted I traveled to the KCACTF regional festival, acted in three additional plays (and got Irene Ryan nominations for all three!), traveled to Prague over the summer to study theatre and arts policy abroad, as well as completed the first semester of the my Senior year at Texas Tech. 184 more words


I Fuck Everything Up

I fuck everything up;
I’ve done it again.
I make big deals out of nothing
And right now becomes back then.
Right now is so good; 108 more words


A year in review

It’s that time of year, where a frantic scramble to get things done is not only predicted, it’s somewhat expected. In my life, we have not only the holidays, but also both of my children’s birthdays flanking Christmas, and my visions of my own personal deadlines so I can look over my year of work and be pleased with myself. 918 more words


If You Have Anything to Say...

Also, if anyone would like to hear more about the science and more specifics behind the nutrients I mentioned in my last post (fiber, antibiotics, etc.), let me know in the comments, because I really want my posts to be as helpful as possible. 217 more words