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Life Update

Hello everyone!

I had a really busy start of the week. On Monday I went to my boyfriend’s house for the whole day, which is a 1.5 hour bus ride. 271 more words



Last night Sarrah said to me, “We are not forcing you to do anything. Just tell us what you want. We’ll help you.” such perspective and support from her surprised me for I have come to expect indifference or at best, scorn from her. 306 more words


There'll Be Some Changes Made

There’ll Be Some Changes Made

I’ve decided to try and break my Facebook habit. Ever since I got connected to it, my writing has suffered, and to my mind, sending pictures back and forth is social masturbation, not real communication. 126 more words


Global Citizens

So, my Facebook friends have already heard the condensed version of this story, but I need to document it here as well.

While waiting for my next flight in the international terminal in Chicago[, I was joined at my table by a woman and her five-year-old daughter. 267 more words


Almost There!

Despite breaking my thumb, I’m nearly finished with my second book. You can’t keep a determined author down!

Renovations are nearly complete. Some final painting is happening today and new furniture will arrive this weekend. 373 more words


Metropolitan Paradise

I never imagined God as a neon light, or angels to be fast cars. But, well, what if the city is alive? This is just to say, I have put my faith into this concrete jungle. 45 more words


I am. (2)

I’m dying
slowly losing who I
used to be.
I’m dying
as the colours of this
turn grey.
I’m dying
my voice no longer… 14 more words